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The Origin...

So This is where the story begins... My passion has been exploited for all the world to see, but yet not enough ears have heard, hearts been moved and even more so, bodies!

Now I come with a sincere hunger pain to express my heart and soul to the world, and as time goes on, I know my voice will reflect my desire to express.

The main vibes that inspired me to be where I stand present today is Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop: Where music is about the way you sing as well as what you want your song to portray.

The voice is the most powerful tool/ instrument ever to be created by the creator, and either way you look at it, you couldn't live life without that tool being a predominant feature in your daily routine. So for me, my argument as to why I feel music is a valuable element of everyone's journey here on earth, is that the tone of words can express every feeling, emotion, movement and decision that you make, so why stop it at the monotonous?

Take your words, feeling, desire, hopes and dreams, and sing them out for the world to hear... (I'm not saying we should all be singers, but for a way to express emotions and energies within, words only cannot do...)

Now I want to take you on a journey of how I feel... how I imagine certain situations for other people feel... the darkness, the light, the joy, the distress, the heartache, the enlightenment... let me create a scene for you to follow... whether for you musical pleasure, or for fulfilment of learning emotions you are not yet familiar...

I have been graced with a sound that can churn feelings unknown, that spine tingling effect of which I hope you can indulge in, and not get tired of... If you just listen.

I want to take you. take you to a distant place. You close your eyes and act as lead in my tales of wisdom, although to you and I, may just be a myth, of how, what, when and why we can feel like this...

Listen. Just listen.

The story starts here, and has only Just begun, my creation is still in the making not yet grown or spread its wings... but alike to the the Fairy tales that you read... I will carry on happily ever after... Won't you share this journey with me?