I Wanna hold you , Wanna hold you tight… is still ringing through the ears of all 4 members of the band along with the sound engineer and guitar legend Gerry Bennett (no relation to Tony) From 11.30 hrs on Saturday morning till 19.40 hrs, the lads where busy recording the old Undertones classic – Teenage Kicks. We will soon have this song up on the official Flinch website as well as Our www.myspace.com/flinchalnd so stayed tuned... we are entering a competition on Today FM and if we get to the final will need your votes so like many times before we thank you for your support It’s the first time that the current line up has hit the recording studios, and this song along with The Killers – all these thing I have done, are the most frequently requested songs by audiences, we think we have done a good job on it and hope you will enjoy. After last Saturday there are no further plans to go back in and record , but you never can say in this band…