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The machines are getting restless!

We've been tied up for a while with our retro offshoot band....which we have had a lot of fun with! New Vbu material is coming....the recording droids have been nagging for some cobweb-shifting electrosleaze and who are we to say no!

Schizoid tendencies

Vbu began it's current incarnation as an electro band with some guitars....as time has progressed we have come to realise that more and more material was tending towards 60's garage psychedelia...so we have now formed an offshoot band to better explore that side of things and un-muddy the waters. You can find it here http://www.reverbnation.com/spacecadetandtheacidtestset we hope you like it. We still love electrosmut too and will be back with more new Vbu very soon. xxx

Another Reddux Retro tune.

Before the synths took over in the very early days of Vbu, Zodiac did some roadying for Grebo bands Crazyhead and Dead Flowers. There was an incident! We wrote this song about it and have just re-discovered it. Enjoy! xxx

Our love of hats.

There have been a few mentions of our hat fetish and desire for a propellor beanie...a real one with red and yellow panels and a yellow plastic propellor....we also dream of an Adam Strange helmet or anything featuring perspex disks of varying size. xxx

We do like the noise machines...

...and things that go bleep in the night...sometimes though we get a Paisley Underground head on and need to get that out of our system....enjoy the randomness of the hodgepodge and go with the flow! xxx

The world did not end!

This made a nonsense of our excellent end of the world free album offer and has left the internet flooded with un-downloaded albums that need downloading before they clog everything up!

End of the world clearance sale!

Yes it's 2012 and we are all going to die, so we are told, so go download our album, pay for it or don't and laugh and dance until the seas boil and the moon turns to blood....what have ya got to lose ?!! xxx