In Hope, Arkansas THEC4BAND-Houston

I have a rustic ep, "Live...At Home", that I am promoting and selling while on the road. I am honing and my Alternative Country sound right now and will pull in a Valentines Day album after that. A slow but forward direction seems to be where im at. Being my first tour I am going to be doing alot of hand shaking and self promotion this trip. I'm still really just trying to make a name for myself. I love to sing and meet new people. Last years road trip got me the work Im on my way to do in Maryland and this years work should produce more stuff next year. I am living my dream. I love what I do.

We just keep getting better and better.....

This music journey is so cool. Guitar dave and I have been creating alot of really great synergy here in houston playing out and about. our practices are going great and we are developing our percussion position with amazing results. the end result is...WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! We are about to go on our first tour. we dont have alot of great studio material so its hard to book gigs with nothing great to show them but thats ok. Its all a process and we are commmitted to continuing to iron out all these details and creating something amazing. Im going to try to get some video from our show this weekend saturday, feb. 19th at 3pm at town hall texas in conroe. Their address is TOWN HALL TEXAS 12294 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Conroe, Texas 77385. Bye for now!!!

music and film

I have been filming the PIK N PAK REUNION all weekend. I have had so much fun. I have seen people I havent seen in a long time. These are all my old friends I used to hang out with back in the day. Gary has been photographing for this landmark punk recording of the Houston Tx punk scene from the 80's and early 90's. Thank you Gary Mohen. I am going back again in a few hours to do this one more time. I feel so honored to have been given this job as the documentary filmer. Even the "real" documentary people in the scene have been complimenting me AND schooling me. What a total honor to be complimented and put under the wings of these people. I cant say enough about how grateful I am to be a part of this :] Thank you God. Thank you NA. Love y'all :] I found a really cool guy too who is an editer and he is going to edit all this footage in to some montage of some sort :] see y'all soon :] Thanks Michael for coming out last night. It meant alot to me. thanks for the french fries and the company.

New Stuff!!

I am about to launch out and start recording my performances in different cities in the texas area. I'm going to go to Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, New Caney, Houston, And anywhere else that will have me. My band and I are going strong and we are getting gigs in the houston and surrounding areas, Thank you God!! Recording is going great and I am learning more and more all the time. I sound pretty good in a studio too. Me likey. It's fun. Filming for this reality show is going amazing. I am having so much fun and am meeting amazing people. I am being asked to do projects with people I may never have before and am learning so much about the industry, the art, and the potential of creativity when put in the hands of like-minded people. This is an opportunity I am glad I didnt pass up!!! Bye for now and thank you so much for supporting music and my dream. God Bless!!! C-4 Ebrahimi

Music is cool!!

So, performing is going good. Filming is great fun. We are going to be filming our performances for the next few weeks for the music show!! We got into the studio and had a great session. Things are moving alon nicely. we are starting to get gigs and are looking for more if you want to book us or play with us!!! Bye for now :] C-4 :]


I am so happy to say that we are shooting tonight for a video for Moderator_Mag's Reality T.V. Show @ the Last Concert Cafe. Come on out and be in the video!!!!

Growing the Band & Making T.V.

We have been so busy with this great thing called Entertainment. "Huey" is the bands official new Bass Player and we are glad to have him. Playing shows and open mics has begun to take a life of it's own. We will be recording soon in the studio. We are going to use 3leaf Recording studios. I recommend them highly!! Just ask for Tim and Tell him C-4 sent you :] And.... we began filming a reality T.V. show and are going to be running with this for about 12 weeks. We are going to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and other great PR events. I am so excited for this new chapter. By for now, C-4 :]

My first Blog!!!

I am glad I finally decided to use the blog to correspond with y'all instead of the leave a comment section of this webpage. I'd like to thank Reverb Nation for allowing me to use this forum to work in. I hope that I can bring them as much success as they have brought me. Also, Id like to send a shout out to Nemesis Entertainment for putting on a great show at Fitzgerald's last Saturday. Crystal was a world-class representative and the show went off without a hitch. Truly, a professional company with a professional rep. The last week has been really exciting for us. We played all of our awesome regular open mic/jams and we played Fitzgerald's and now I've been asked to be in a reality T.V. show for "Moderator Magazine". I am really excited to be in on this project. This is a 10 week, contest for music minded people with eliminations and a Grand prize winner. I will keep you posted on this project. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Thanks and bye for now, and thank you so much for supporting a great music scene. Music is cool!!!