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Approaching 5,000 Reverbnation Fans

Stratus Blue is approaching a new milestone. It may take a little while, but we are closing in on 5,000 ReverbNation fans. These include fans from our home state of Hawaii, as well as all other 49 states and hundreds of international fans as well. Welcome aboard! We have a huge tent!!!!

Closing in on 300

Stratus Blue is shooting for 300 on the U.S. ReverbNation rock charts. You can help us get there by liking out Face Book page and playing our songs on ReverbNation.

Thank you for your support!!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stratus-Blue/162759597190?ref=hl

Stratus Blue Coming to i-tunes and Amazon

Our new CD "...and... ...but..." should be going live in early December. Stay tuned!

Who will Be 100?

Stratus Blue currently has 96 FaceBook "likes". Who will be # 100???

Stratus Blue Plays OnStage October 19th

We start around 7:00, and play until about 11:00. Hope to see you there! Meanwhile, play some of our songs on ReverbNation. Like us on Facebook! IIIiiit's FRRRRRIIIIDAAAAYYY!!

Heading to 800

#800 might not sound so hot. But it is 800 in the WORLD on the ReverbNation Rock Charts. We appreciate your support!

The Art is In!

We have submitted our art and design concepts to GeniusDesign for preparation of the CD packaging. Once we finalize the art and packaging, we submit songs and design to DiscMakers. CD release party in November????

Rapidly Approaching #500 in the U.S.

Stratus Blue is closing fast on the #500 spot on the ReverbNation Rock Charts for the U.S. With over 2 million bands on ReverbNation, we are humbled, honored, and grateful for your support. What a ride!

REVERBNATION, if you are looking for new music.....

.... you can search by geography, around the world, and by genre. It is truly ENDLESS!!!!! While you are at it, become a fan of Stratus Blue!

Rapidly Approaching 1,000 in the World

We are humbled as we approach this milestone. Thanks so much!