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The Feelin’ Is Comin’……

When the month of June comes to a close, our new album will be complete. It’s called The Feelin’ – and we hope that you will feel it.

This collection of original tracks is broad in scope, and unlike any other currently available on planet Earth. It is the true beginning of this band, and the birth of a life force ready for motion.

The Feelin’ will be available online in early July and CDs will be available in late July.

Our Summer tour will bring the Feelin’ up the East Coast and through the Midwest, with a West Coast tour planned for the Winter.

Prepare to be got- the Feelin’ is comin’…….

News on LP, Summer Tour

We are cranking away on the new tracks as we speak and should have the LP done by Independence Day. The completion of this album will culminate with a 2012 Summer tour throughout the month of August.

We hope to visit as many places as we can. If you are interested in bringing Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit to your town, please email us at sampacemusic@gmail.com so we can hammer out how we can make it happen.

Lots more fun stuff to come!

March Madness concludes, Recording Resumes…..

Hands down the busiest month we’ve had to date, March has finally come to end. Through 31 days, we played 12 gigs at 10 new venues, and met dozens of great bands and new fans along the way.

With our axels greased and the machine well oiled, the Grit will spend the next couple months completing the LP we began this Winter. We are thrilled to be heading into Spring and Summer with so much momentum and cannot wait for the work and fun that lay ahead.

April will be relatively quiet on the gig front, as we prepare to enter the studio. May and June, however, should be jam packed with great opportunities to check out the Grit live. We hope to see some familiar faces, and know we’ll see plenty of new ones.

Until then, stay hungry!

A Winter Wonderland of Gilded Grit Shows!

The Gilded Grit has a rapidly growing slate of winter performances coming up (many of which are FREE). Check the SHOWS section regularity to see which date works for you.

New shows have just been added, including our New Years Eve bash and inaugural trip to San Antonio.

So treat yourself this holiday season to a dirty good time with the Grit- you shant regret it!

In the Studio: Working on EP

The Gilded Grit is currently pounding away at our first release, which will be ready by early 2012. The debut effort will include 6 new tracks and promises to be a very exciting culmination of the months of work we have put in since we started in May.

We are working with Josh Woodhouse at Droplink Studios in Austin, and so far the process has been fantastic. The facilities and attitude at Droplink are exactly what the Grit was hoping for when we set out to make this record, and we have a great deal of confidence that the end product will be one we can hang our collective hats on.

The tunes should be ready to go by mid to late January, so buckle up and stay tuned!

November: A month for THANKS and GIVING (FREE MUSIC!!!)

This November the Big Dog crew would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to all the fans who have made the first year of Sam Pace Music a smashing success!

To celebrate and show our appreciation, we would like to offer anybody and everybody 2 FREE TRACKS from Let the Big Dog Eat.

No catch. No Exemptions.

Just listen to samples on any of the Sam Pace websites, and pick the two songs you like the most. Then you can email us at:

sampacemusic (at) gmail (dot) com

We will send the MP3s right back to you within 24 hours.

So many exciting things on the horizon for year two, including the debut album from Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit! (Due out in early 2012)

Get your free music now, this offer ends December 1st.

Peace and Love, the Big Dog & Co.

The Bad News, and the Really Good News

An audible has been called regarding the approach of our new band; and you- the listener- may be interested in how this will affect you. The bad news is that the Gilded Grit will not be releasing its first original album at the turn of the New Year, as was originally the plan. The good news is that the Grit will be releasing a Prequel to the album- which will be available for free download on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. This Prequel project will include deep-cut covers done in wild new ways. It will also involve a highly unique recording method aimed to distinguish our sound: we intend to use a singe mic for the entire process. We believe by using this method we can capture the pure and authentic sound of a rock n’ roll band in its fetal stages. The dynamic will include the passion and revelry of live performance, as well as the precision and refinement of studio recording. The material will pay homage to our deep-rooted foundation, and be a turbo-charged breath of electrified fresh air that we hope music lovers of all ages, sizes and styles will be excited about. With this adjustment we can get more music to you faster, and for free. We cannot wait to share our first efforts with you and know this will be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

The Band Name

Anyone who’s had to choose a band name before knows it’s one tough nut to crack. You’re trying to be nonchalant without being half-assed, silly without being corny, righteous without being pretentious.

And then, when you finally have that perfect name- guess what? It’s taken.

My band mates and I went through the gauntlet of this process and came out with something we feel is a custom fit. Our new band name is as follows:

Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit

We are three-piece rock n’ roll unit comprised of myself on guitar and vocals; Patrick Sanderson on bass, and Jake Causey on drums. Jake and Patrick have been a joy to work with thus far- their youth, dedication, and raw talent keep me inspired and on my toes.

We are very excited about our new namesake and look forward to upholding the broad convictions by which we stand.

As the weeks and months pass, we will be cultivating our identity before your eyes and encourage you to become active participants in the development of this exciting new project.

The Grit’s first show is Thursday, August 25 at Headhunters in Austin , TX, so come on out if you’re in the area. And hopefully we’ll be seeing the rest of you in the very near future!

Keep in touch through our social networks and email list, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the Gritty details.

Until next time, stay hungry.

Sam Pace and the........?

...... that is the question.

We have been hard at work creating the next chapter of American rock n' roll, and we are racking our brains for the perfect band name.

If you suggest something we dig on, and we actually use your suggestion- free Sam Pace merch for life!

Joke names are also welcome..... let's see what you got!

Exploring the Raw Dog Mission.

Beginning a new artistic project, especially one intended to be large in scale, is both daunting and enthralling.

If you are a confident artist, you have a glimmering and naïve notion that not only will you create something wonderful, but that the process will be a smooth and joyful jaunt through the park.

And just when things are peachy, the bird flying over you shits in your eyes and you slam into a tree full speed- leaving you dazed, blinded, and with no idea where you are or where you’re going.

But eventually you regain consciousness, wipe the shit from your eyes, and slowly but surely continue down the path you were on.

The highs and lows that come with genuine craftsmanship are inevitable and unforgiving- but it’s part of the gig and there’s no point in brooding over the nature of the process.

So let’s talk about what will come from the process this time around.

Without direct intent, my first album became a collection of songs that speaks from one individual to another. Because I created Let the Big Dog Eat completely by myself, it quite naturally took on a very inward and self-cathartic identity. It is probably most effective when enjoyed in the context of one soul to another. My next effort- Raw Dog- will serve a much different purpose. It’s time for me to get the mojo bone out and start cracking people over the head with it. Quite simply, I want to help the masses get their freak on like never before. This album will be a dose of soulful adrenaline that makes feet move and bootys bounce. It must be raw; it must be righteous; and it must be a mighty exaltation for wild-hearts to revel in for years to come. Coming up short of this is not an option. Raw Dog will be an ode to those who have brought me to the highest of highs. In the coming weeks I will introduce you to the people who will be helping me in my quest. Until then, stay hungry.