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Radio Row this month!!

We will be on John Pielli's Passed Ball Show and The Gregg Carlucci Show on Thurs Sept 13th and The Real Radio Show on Tues the 19th!!

War Horn is out!!

The new album is out and streaming at Guitar World.com !!

Finally Finished!!

Our new full length album is called, "WAR HORN" It's going to have new mixes of all our ep songs plus 7 new ones! It should be out sometime in July... Art by Christian Colabelli graphic design by ND Ross

... get ready

Our full length is almost complete! We're putting in an inordinate amount of work on it and the finished product is going to be wild. The new mixes sound massive. There will be 13 songs on the album... get ready.

In the Studio

Been in the recording studio for what seems like months.....Christian is finger painting, Joel is batting around his computer mouse like a cat with a toy, Mentz is on replay, endlessly noodling away, and I (Joe) am chewing on my drumsticks like they are pieces of corn on the cob.......it's only a matter of time before we start losing our minds, but at least our album will be done.

Man Behind the Computer

We had a great time playing The Stone Pony for Almost There's Cd release party on March 23 and now it is time to get back in the studio and finish our full length album.

Rats and Ponys

After finishing another week on 95.9 The Rat we are heading to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ on Friday March 23 to play a Jersey Rock show hosted and put together by Maria MAR from 95.9!!

Boy Meets Machine Hard at Work!!!!

Hey guys and gals! It's been a while since we have updated our blog. We just wanted to let you know that we have been hard at work writing and recording NEW music and are currently planning on a 1-2 week tour of the mid-west!! Please stay tuned for upcoming tour dates and NEW music!! Please give us your feedback and thanks so much for your love and support!!!

-Boy Meets Machine