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Life is Goooooooooooooooood

23 with a daughter is no joke...last night my daughter woke up at midnight kept me up until 4am danced cried and laughed herself to sleep. I was sooooo miserable. Then it hit me. Life is nothing but that. You laugh, cry, dance, and sleep...I was half sleep all day but i appreciate how little things can make huge lessons. Ive had my share or dark days. Ive been broke. Ive been homeless. Ive been broken. Life never tells you what will happen tomorrow so you have to deal with the blows second by second. I don't complain...I will have moments where i may be overwhelmed from time to time but doing so I learn and adapt. I will repeat that I am not a blogger. but if your reading this...Never stop doing what you are doing. Life is your playground...never become just a face in the crowd. Be yourself and be honest to yourself. Nobody is perfect...the only thing perfect thing in this world is air...Breathe


I will admit...I am not a blogger. But when you and your brother are the only people working together for the brand you have to do what you have to do. So with that said HELLO WORLD!! Me as a person Im very open. Life is my inspiration. My lyrics come from everyday life. I adapt and execute. That's how i do things. Music is my outlet and my savior. My gift and my curse....etc. lol I just love writing and recording. just the whole thought of creating is better than money to me. the only thing better than that is presenting it to my fans... so listen to my music. tell me what you think...give me suggestions. Im only a question away.

until next time Im out