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Even Still More Stuff

Worked on a new composition this weekend in the studio with Mike. It's called "On Celtic Moors" in honour of Mike's home country of Ireland. We're hoping Pat can join us next weekend to add percussion parts to it. This is our first official instrumental and we hope you will enjoy it when it is done. Hope to have some new songs posted next month, after we get our copyright forms back. I think you will enjoy what's been going on in the lil' ol' Raj Mahal Studio. But if you don't, that's fine, too. Can't please everyone, so we just try to please ourselves. Until next time, Peace Out and Love Sent to our friends and fans in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and everywhere else. Cheers, Raj

Still Even More Stuff

Listening to Black Sabbath's "13" album. Always inspires me when I hear Geezer and Tony play. Been coming up with a lot of new song ideas. Got a new song started called "Glory Hole" with one verse written. Still working on finishing up "Hell No", "It's Never Enough", and "Long Time (the Relectrifried Version). Just not enough hours in the day. I'm also working with the band, Butch Cavendish, on their debut album which is nearing the mixing phase. Busy, but it's a good busy. Keep checking Raj Mahal & The Shades out on FB (LIKE our FB page), Reverbnation, and follow us on Twitter (@Raj_Mahal58). As always, thanks for the love, Slovenia! We love you back.

Still More Stuff

Raj here! Sitting here listening to a little Rob Zombie and thinking about today's session. Got one of the Butch Cavendish boys coming in to lay down some steel guitar parts for their upcoming CD Release "Dead Horse To Nowhere". Kris Olsen, come on down!!! Also, work is continuing on the Shades newest songs. Laid down some new ideas for "Hell No" and "Never Enuff" yesterday as far as bass and lead guitar go. Mike was nice enough to come in and help me out in the studio with those songs. We think you'll enjoy the new songs as well as the reworking of "Long Time: The Relectrifried Version". And now, I'm going to try and get some sleep before Mr. Olsen gets here to record. As always, we send the love to Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Paris as they have sent to us! Fuck Terrorists and any so called religion that backs them. Religion Poisons Everything!!!

Even More Stuff

Raj here! Had a great evening in the studio with Pat and Mike. Worked for around 4 hours on "Song 301" (working title). I'm going to start writing lyrics this week for this one. This song just kind of popped up in rehearsal whilst we were working on the new version of "Long Time", and we liked it so much we continued to work on that instead. Mike will be coming in this week to lay down more guitar tracks and I'll be working on bass tracks and vocals once I get lyrics done. I just love to work with these guys. It's always fun and never stressful. No shouting or pointing fingers of accusations about bum notes or stick clicks. Since 2010, these guys have been responsible for some of the best times I've ever had in the studio. Hopefully, we'll be finished with our debut CD in the coming year. As a band that puts family and friends first, it takes a while to get songs fleshed out for a proper release. Keep listening and as always we send the love out to Slovenia!

More Stuff

Working like a madman in the studio for the last couple of weeks. Lots of projects to get finished before the end of the year and even more starting. Looking forward to next Wed when Kris of Butch Cavendish will come in to finish some steel guitar work for their upcoming album, "Dead Horse To Nowhere".


Mike here. We had a nice evening in the studio. New heads on all the drums make for an outstanding drum sound. I've purchased a Schecter C1 Hellraiser FRS in Black Cherry. Quilted maple top over a mahogany body. Abalone body, neck, and headstock binding and abalone cross inlays on the fretboard. I had to have something that would keep up with Raj's Schecter Kenny Hickey C-1 EX S. The Kenny Hickey model has a Sustainiac Retrofit SLS w/Aux-2 pickup at the neck and a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4B at the bridge. The C1 Hellraiser that I just got has a Sustainiac Retrofit EMG w/Aux-2 at the neck and an EMG 81 at the bridge. I wish my Hellraiser had a kill switch like the Raj's Kenny Hickey model, but you can't always get what you want. So keep telling your friends to check us out on FB or here on ReverbNation. As always we send our love out to Slovenia and Romania as they have sent to us! Fuck Terrorists!

Shades In The Studio

Raj here. Pat, Mike, and myself will be convening in the studio tomorrow evening to work on the Relectrifried Version of Long Time. The basic tracks that we worked on 2 weeks ago have been good building blocks for the way we want the song to go. Seems like our writing has taken a turn into a swamp full of sludge....and that's not a bad thing. Keep telling your friends about our page, especially if you live in Slovenia! Romania is starting to take notice, as well! So keep listening! We're making progress on our new project, but I've also got other projects for other bands in the works and I have to give them the same quality of work that I give to my own band. Cheers to all and Peace Out! We stand with France and Planned Parenthood! Raj, Pat, & Mike

Hallowe'en: Redux

Mike here. First of all, thank you to the many who wished me happy birthday yesterday. They were very much appreciated. Spent it in the studio with Raj working on new titles and showing off my new guitar. I believe Raj is jealous...

A Weekend Redux

Mike here. Raj, Pat, & myself worked hard this weekend on a new version of "Long Time". This one is going to be closer to our original vision of the song, that is, it's going to have a much harder edge to it. At my suggestion, we tuned to drop D tuning to give it a much chunkier sound. Raj is more the traditional member, wanting to record in A440, standard tuning. But, to me, the drop D gives it a much more ominous air about the song. We think you'll be pleased with the final result. Have a great week and keep on rockin'. Cheers, Mike


Productive weekend for the Shades. Got new drum levels, drums tuned, riffs approved and decided to rework the song, "Long Time". So far, there are two versions of "Long Time", the first Acoustic Version, then number two, the Electrifried Version. Coming up will be the Relectrifried Version. Pretty sure you'll like the results. Plus, Mike is almost finished with the opening lead for the new song, "Hell No", and is working on leads for another new song "It's Never Enough". We also have about 15 more song ideas/roughed out songs to work on completing. It sucks to be as OCD as we are about the recordings, but I promise that we'll have the debut Raj Mahal & the Shades CD out long before Axl Rose comes up with anything else. And definitely before any original GNR reunion! Cheers, Raj