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Raj Mahal and The Shades / Blog

Down Again...But Not Out!

Raj here. The Shades have had a rough couple of years. Two of us have lost parents over the past two years, Pat had to have back surgery, and I had to be a caregiver for my Dad as he slowly died from cancer. We thought that the worst was behind us and had been hitting the studio again with new songs written and the recording was going great. Unfortunately, Pat's Dad had to have a hip replacement and is not doing as well as hoped. I'm reposting Pat's post from his FB page to explain: "Well folks just when Raj, Mike and I seemed to be rolling along in the studio after two years of setbacks I am once again sidelined. I'm now playing the role of caregiver for my Dad who is having complications following hip replacement surgery. This has hit me hard and I'm very overwhelmed. I'm considering taking a lengthy leave of absence from my day job in order to provide for his care to my satisfaction. Just wanted to touch base and say thanks to those of you that have reached out. Continued prayers and positive vibes are appreciated." We had gotten basic tracks recorded for two new songs that Mike and I are continuing to work on. It is our hope that Pat's Dad will make a full recovery and we'll be recording more songs for the upcoming CD release. Be patient with us. The new stuff is some of the best we've ever written and I can't wait to share it with you all. Peace out. Raj

It's Never Enuff....

The band and I have done 3 sessions so far for the new song, "It's Never Enuff". Things are coming together nicely. Almost finished with recording the guitars, I want to make one more pass on bass. I know I can do it better. Mike is still working out the lead guitar for the song. Pat has done an exemplary job on drums and percussion. We've also still working on the lead vocal track. Trying to decide which style and which particular notes to actually sing. All in all, the recording is going very smoothly and we hope to finish "It's Never Enuff" in our next session. Tell your friends, band mates, band friends, etc etc about us on ReverbNation and Facebook. It don't cost nothing and would make my day. Especially if I could get my 750+ friends on FB to "Like" the page. Not that I'm begging or anything. I'd rather have fewer hard core fans than people who listen to music as just background noise. Here's to hoping everyone has a great week. Check out our music and videos if you haven't, and if you like what you see, turn others onto us. Peace out, Raj

New Video

Check out our new video for "Get Out". We filmed it at Red Feather Recording in Nashville. It was produced and edited by Raj's son, David. Cheers, Michael

New Video

Cheers to all. Michael here. We are now working on a video for "Get Out". Production starts next week and we hope to have it up by the first of November. Be patient, this video making is new to all of us. Coming at you soon. Michael E. Hunt, guitarist

New Things Happening!

Cheers, all! Guitarist Michael Hunt here for Raj Mahal and The Shades. Pat, Raj, & I have spent the last couple of days together spitballing ideas for new songs to start working on. Thank you all for sticking with us during the last almost 2 years now, with all the drama going on in the band's personal lives. Pat lost his Mom in January of 2013, Raj lost his Dad in September of 2013 and his Mom had to be placed in a nursing home because of her advanced Alzheimer's Disease. Pat also had to have back surgery around May of 2013, so we just decided to take a break from recording and playing until we could get everyone's life sorted back out. Well, Pat has healed nicely and now has his custom made Orthopaedic Drum Throne covered in genuine Saskatchewan Salmon Skin for real safety. Raj is basically back to normal after dealing with lawyers, DHS, the State and Federal Governments, and the IRS...at least, we hope so. Me, I've just been living the quiet life, enjoying the mild summer, playing my guitars and reading a lot of books. The past two days show a lot of promise for things to come. Thanks for sticking with us and for making us number one for about a week and a half. We love you all. Keep spreading the word and let's get some more likes on the Shades FB page and also here on ReverbNation. Cheers, Michael

Please Take The Time To Hit The "Like" Button On FB

To our fans out there. Turn your friends onto us. All it takes is one click of the mouse on the "Like" button situated on the cover photo. Come on, guys. We need more than 271 "Like"s. So tell your friends, neighbours, enemies, ex-wives, ex-husbands and anyone else you know, to "Like" our page. It don't cost nothing, and it REALLY pisses off Kim Jong Un.

We're Back In The Saddle Again!

Well, looks like Mike, Pat, & Raj will be getting together tomorrow night to start work on new songs. It's been a long time, too long, since we've done any playing together. Pat had back surgery and Raj lost both parents last year. Mike has just been chillin' in LR. I don't know if he's even bothered getting online since we've been down. Thanks to all who have been patiently waiting for new stuff. We'll have it out soon. WE LOVE YOU, SLOVENIA!!!

Hiatus: Redux, Redux, Redux

Looks like the hiatus is coming to an end. Pat's back is all healed up and Raj's personal demons have been vanquished. Pat and I extend our sympathies to Raj in the loss of his father to cancer. His Dad fought the good fight, but the cancer won out in the end. We'll be reconvening at the Raj Mahal Studio to begin work on new songs with which to finish our debut CD, so be on the lookout. And remember, we're HUGE in Slovenia! Cheers, Mike Hunt for Mark & Raj

Hiatus...Redux Redux...

Wish I could say that there was lots going on in the world of Raj Mahal & The Shades, but alas and alack, life keeps intervening in our endevours. Pat is finally back up to speed, but Raj is having to help with his ailing parents. His father has cancer and his Mom has Alzheimer's. There are plans to get the band together for some burgers and dogs this Saturday and discuss some possibilities for new music. But since we do our recording at the GarajMahal Studio and Raj is our main engineer, the actual recording is on the back burner for now. We appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to check us out and friend us here on ReverbNation and Facebook. For such a small group of fans, you are all very devoted. We've reached over 20,000 plays on ReverbNation and we really appreciate it. So please keep listening and we'll have new music up as soon as life dictates that we can. Cheers, Michael E. Hunt


Pat is doing well with his rehab on his back. The surgery went well and he is currently working with the world famous Super Dave Osborne on a new drum throne design incorporating "Genuine Saskatchewan Salmon Skin" for the ultimate protection and a better back rest for drummers with lumbar problems. We hope to be back in the studio soon. Cheers, Michael E. Hunt- Guitarist for Raj Mahal & The Shades