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More Music!

Michael, Pat, and I have almost finished the writing and recording part of our new album. I anticipate engineering the songs and sending them to Red Feather Recording in Nashville for mastering. Thanks for your support and to those that listen to the songs we have here on this site and on our FB page. Our total song plays are over 31,000. Thanks to all who listen. Cheers and Peace Out, Raj

Thank You!!!

A huge thanks to all of you who listen to our music on this page and our FB page. We now have over 31,000 plays here on ReverbNation!!! We may not have as many fans as some other bands, but man, the fans we have are loyal to a fault!!! Thank you all! A Big Thanks and Much Love to Slovenia!!! Cheers, Raj

Another New Song In the Works!

Okay, we meant to work on "Long Time (the Relectrifried Version), but something beautiful happened that doesn't happen often. We sat down to start playing and Raj took off on a bass riff that was just too cool. Pat was just laying down some drum parts that were also too cool. I put down some lame guitar that I'll have to sit down and redo over the next few weeks. Tentative title to the new song is "EVIL". I'm sure Raj will come up with something about love to go with the title. He's like that, you know. Until next time! Cheers, Michael Hunt for The Shades of Perception


The Shades of Perception will be recording at the Raj Mahal Studio tonight. A fine time is guaranteed for all.

New Song! And It's an Istrumental!

Finally finished a decent mix of "On Celtic Moors". For those interested, it is a short variation on a theme. You'll know the theme and recognize it in some of the variations. On Celtic Moors/Ar Moors Ceilteach i. Maidin Mist ar an Moor ii. Siúlóid Ar an Moors iii. Seachain na Moors iv. Paddle chuid is tapa, Éist liom Banjos! v. Bend Thar agus screachail Cosúil le Muc vi. Marú agus adhnacal Sadists Ar an Moors vii. Tráthnóna Mist Ar an Moors You'll have to know Gaelic to read, pronounce, and understand what the story is. Some may have a clue. Hope you like it. Cheers, Raj

New Stuff!

Well, everyone in the band likes the name change and most everyone else liked it. Some, however, did not and actually "unliked" our Face Book page. Still, we've managed to make it up to #4 today in the ratings. So, what do you guys think? Dig the name change from Raj Mahal & The Shades to The Shades of Perception? If not, why? Just post your comments to our ReverbNation page. There'll be a link right below this message. Thank you for your input.

Raj, you got some 'splainin' to do!

Been receiving questions about the name change. No, the band members are the same, only the name of the band has changed. No, the type of music we make has not changed, only the name of the band has changed. We decided that changing the name of the band to reflect better the style of music we do, had to be done. Raj Mahal & The Shades sounded too much like we are a blues band, which we are not. There may be elements of the blues in certain songs, but we are geared more toward Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, and a bit of Psychedelic Rock thrown in for good measure. Changing the name of the band to "The Shades of Perception" just reflects the style of music we write better than the old name. We're still the same loveable buncha guys, just with a different name. We think that the new music that is coming soon will be an enjoyable experience for you all and represents the new name in a very positive way. Peace out from Pat, Mike, and Raj!

Even Still Lots More Stuff!

Mike and Raj in the studio tonight working on Hell No and It's Never Enough. They are almost ready to be posted here on ReverbNation and Facebook. Got to finish mixing and filing copyright forms. Seems like there are just not enough hours in the day! Cheers, Raj

Still Lots More Stuff!

Had a great night in the studio Saturday with Pat and Mike. Just need to finish up some harmony guitars for "On Celtic Moors". We are starting back to work on "Long Time (The Relectrifried Version). It has a much heavier, ballsier sound now. Also putting the finishing touches on "Hell No" and "It's Never Enough". Lots more coming up soon. Cheers, Raj

Lots More Stuff!

Staying busy in the studio. The Butch Cavendish Project is almost ready to be sent to Red Feather Recording in Nashville for mastering. The Shades Project is coming along. More written for "On Celtic Moors" plus the 3 of us listened to some older stuff that we'd done practically everything for, i.e. rhythm guitars, bass, drums, percussion. Need to come up with vocals and some lead part and then they'll be finished. Good things are coming. Thanks for the love, Slovenia, France, Japan and all those in Eastern Europe. We love you all. Cheers, Raj