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Raj Mahal and The Shades / Blog


Pat is doing well with his rehab on his back. The surgery went well and he is currently working with the world famous Super Dave Osborne on a new drum throne design incorporating "Genuine Saskatchewan Salmon Skin" for the ultimate protection and a better back rest for drummers with lumbar problems. We hope to be back in the studio soon. Cheers, Michael E. Hunt- Guitarist for Raj Mahal & The Shades


Since Pat will be out for about a month, we will be taking a break from writing and recording. There are two songs that need to be finished up that Mike and I will be working on while Pat is recuperating. Look for those to be posted soon. Thanks to all who listen and for all the kind words. Raj Mahal


Pat, Mike, & Raj will be putting the finishing touches on two new songs in the studio Saturday. After that session, the Raj Mahal Studio will be shut down for about a month while renovations are being done. We are getting a new console to consolodate all of our recording gear and make the studio more manageable and to add more room to our existing space. As the new year rambles on, you may expect some new and better sounds coming from us. This is a very exciting time for us. Stay tuned for more STUFF!!!! Cheers, Raj

Raj Mahal Supports Love Hope Strength!

Hello to all our friends and fans. Raj Mahal & The Shades have aligned ourselves with the Love Hope Strength Foundation. As a result, if you purchase "Get Out", "Long Time (Electrifried Version) or "My Rosa" here on ReverbNation, half of the purchase price will go to this wonderful charity. Love Hope Strength Foundation is a charitable foundation whose purpose is to raise funds and awareness in order to benefit people with cancer and leukaemia. The charity carries out sponsored treks and climbs to the world's highest mountains, often performing musical concerts at the peak.

In spring 2001, at age 31, James Chippendale, an American businessman, was diagnosed with leukemia, needing a bone marrow transplant to recover. After his recovery in 2003 he founded a cancer charity, the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) with fellow survivor Mike Peters, a Welsh musician and lead singer with The Alarm.

The charity raises funds for cancer treatment, promotes awareness and early detection, and advocates for bone marrow registration by holding rock concerts at remote, elevated venues, including Everest base camp, the top of the Empire State Building, the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, with a concert at Mount Kilimanjaro in 2009. The UK organisation holds an annual trek to the top of Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon, each summer, and has added a number of other events, including Rhondda Rocks, Avebury Rocks and Ben Nevis Rocks.

LHSF concerts feature both amateur and professional musicians, and have featured high-profile rock musicians including Chuck Berry, The Fixx's Cy Curnin, Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook, Everclear, The Beat, Nick Harper, Chris Summerill and members of The Cult. The first four shows had raised almost $1 million by September 2008.

LHSF is a beneficiary of a documentary film called More To Live For, which details James Chippendale's cancer and survivorship experience.


The Shades are taking an extended sabbatical due to health issues with some of our extended family. Raj's Father will be taking chemo/radiation treatments for a small cancer in his lung. After the treatments, CED will then undergo surgery to have the tumor & lymph nodes removed. Our family, both those by blood & those by friendship, would appreciate your thoughts & prayers to help us thru this rough patch. CED is expected to make a full recovery, but it's going to be a long, sometimes painful, road ahead. Thank you to all who have fanned us and to all the friends we've met on the ReverbNation Road! We'll see you again soon! Cheers, Raj Mahal & The Shades

Welcome Back

Good to see Pat and Mike Saturday after a month and a half hiatus. Got a new song to work up and one to finish mixing so we can post it here on ReverbNation. Think of it as The Shades meet Megadeth. That should pique your interest. Just got to finish mixing and I should have it posted within the next day or two. Cheers, Raj

The New Song Is Killing Us...But We Like It!

We worked on "Speed" (working title) this past Saturday in the studio. We got a lot done as far as getting the structure of the song together, but we've still not gotten the perfect basic tracks down, yet. If we can keep enough Ben Gay on hand for the sore muscles, we might just have the basic tracks done this coming Saturday. This is a totally new style for us. The song moves along at warp speed and we're used to the more plodding type of song....like your trying to make your way thru the primordial ooze. But we're having fun and that's what it's all about. We do have lyrics written for the song, so that is a plus. And, after Mike and Pat left Saturday night, I was noodling around on my acoustic and came up with a nice little chord progression that I quickly committed to tape and sent copies to Pat and Mike so they can have even more to work on for next time. I love creating something out of thin air, like writing music. I heard something in my head and was able to transfer it to music. I know there are a lot of people out there who think it's easy to sit and write music and come up with lyrics, but let me tell you, it's not. Usually, my first lyrics will go thru multiple changes before I'm satisfied with them. Same for drums, bass, & guitar (& sometimes keyboards). The original opening riff for "Speed" was completely different than what it is now. It's still similar to the original, but it's been modified to fit and sound better with the overall song. Same with the drums and bass. And as the bassist with the band, I'm no where near satisfied with the bass line yet...but it's getting there. So, keep coming back to our page and listen to our music. Tell us what you like or don't like. We like to get feedback from our fans. And be sure to tell your friends about us. Get them to "Like" us here on ReverbNation or on Facebook. It don't cost nothing and drives all religious extremists nuts. Plus, you'll feel really happy in your pants. Cheers!

New Song

Mike, Pat, & Raj have been working on a new song with the working title of "Speed", mainly because it's a speed metal tune. We are all excited about this song. We think it's one of the best we've done, so far. We are taking our time with this one, because we want everything about it to come out perfect. This song is a little different for us. We usually lean toward the Black Sabbath style, the slower, like trying to walk thru a thick sludge type swamp sound. This song leans very much toward the style of say Megadeth, Anthrax, and other speed metal bands. Needless to say, it takes a bit to reprogram how you play. But we think it's going to be well worth the work we're putting into it. Keep your fingers crossed for us and keep checking back here to listen to our music...and don't forget to tell your friends to "LIKE" us here and on Facebook. It don't cost nothing, gives the Taliban nightmares, and will make you feel all tingly in your nether regions. Till next time!

New songs in the works

Mike, Pat, & Raj have some new songs in the works. We are working as fast as we can on getting the new CD together. It's hard because none of us live close to each other so that we can just drop in any time and record. Mike is in Little Rock, Pat has his own little compound with about 100 acres in the middle of nowhere and Raj is located in Van Buren. We do get together every Saturday unless one of us has a gig somewhere or Mike is too involved with his Russellville girls. We promise to let everyone know when the CD is ready for purchase. We will put little snippets of the FINISHED songs here on FB. We've contracted with Red Feather Studio in Nashville, TN to do the final mastering. Red Feather does great work, just check out the Love's Tragedy ReverbNation page or Anything Or Everything's album "Biolumination". See you soon...

Have A Rockin' Memeorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to our men and women in uniform, past and present! We are so very thankful for the jobs you do so that we may enjoy the many freedoms we have. If you're so inclined, check out our page and "LIKE". It REALLY pisses the terrorists off and as an added plus, will make you feel all tingly in you pants.