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Wooosh, what?

I'm flying right now from NY to ATL and listening to news when Robin Meade of HLN says hope you're not flying today because there are pieces of a satellite falling to earth.

I figure that if a random satellite part strikes the plane I'm on, or even hits me on the ground, it's my time to go.

Regarding Amy

Well it wasn't much of a shocker regarding Amy Winehouse's passing last Saturday. Many are coming to now love the music I've been in love with since 2004 - that's how long I've followed Amy.

I tried to meet her or at leas catch some appearances when I was in London Jan 2009. I was staying in Earl's Court, which is only 6 miles from Amy's flat in Camden Square, but, pinning Amy down I'm sure is like chasing the wind - even just to have seen her in concert.

I have total respect for an Artist who is the real deal. She grew up on the very stuff she performed - not a poser at all.

Drugs are NEVER the problem; some other underlying issues spark the need to use them, and it's those dark cracks in one's personality that creates Art.

Reading the comments on twitter with people saying things like " crack head, she had it coming", ...lest they be prone to stumble into addiction one day.

And, it's a sacrifice. I will find out the exact quote so I can credit her, but there is a lady who said something to the effect of: "Everyone is creative, but few are willing to follow their creativity to the dark places it may lead."

But Amy's quote is best: "If my voice can make people forget their troubles for just 5 minutes..."

Thanks for letting me share.

~ Starlin

Thank you Friends, Family, Fans

Hi All, Thanks s'much for all the recent fans and subscribers-am approaching the 5000 mark, interesting that I'm not even officially touring right now, so, THANK YOU!.

But, I am in the studio recording and also playing guitar with Benjamin Pruett and The Line (www.benjaminpruett.com). GREAT AMERICANA music, check him out.

But also, have spent the last 10 months getting our newly adopted girl from China (Ava) adjusted - she's doing so well. You can see pics & vids on my FaceBook page at Barry Starlin Britt.

So, tons of family time have been a priority while also holding down my Director position at Soundzabound Music (www.soundzabound.com). (I make it sound like I've not been touring, but, I have been making some acoustic appearances, most recently at The Tram in Utica, NY : )

I will be in touch soon with more information about my live appearances and recordings, but most importantly, I want you to know that your support means that your teaming up with me on Music that Matters.

There's plenty of talent out there these days - more music than ever, but at the end of the day, at the end of Life even, all that matters is the difference you made. So, thank your for joining me in making a difference.

So I leave you with a quote from the movie, "The Bucket List". I tried to find the original person to credit, but could not find, so if you know please tell me....the quote is "At the end of your Life, it will be asked of you, 'Did you find joy? And, did you bring joy to others.' "

Now that's what we should be rockin'.

~ Starlin

Last night, I mean, naheeet

Ok, I'm from Atlanta. Last night, me and my brother head out to the south suburbs in Atlanta to check out some music.

I asked the lady behind the bar for a menu. She asked, "whuuut?" I said, may I have a menu please? She tilted her head, still not understanding. I asked again, may I have a menu? (I even motioned with some hand gestures).

So my brother translated, and in his deepest southern accent said, he wonts a mean-you. (he said it just like that.)

To which she said, AWWWW, huunney, you wonna mea-an-you, I'm sawry, I juz cudn't understand yer acceunt."

??? (MY accent?)

My Brief Encounter with Kim Kardashian

Not even my family has heard about this yet; I travel so much, so much happens, that I can't keep track of it all...

Anyways, I'm not star-struck nor a name dropper, but, I do think it's cool when your path crosses with someone specific - like, what are the odds of that happening??

Anyways, it was March 2008 and I was at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills - don't remember the name of the shop, but I do remember they had the most amazing Spanish Lattes - rockin !

We hung out for a while and I noticed this dark haired girl I thought I recognized on the patio. She kept looking at me like she knew me too.

So, as we were leaving and walking past the patio, I looked over to see if I recognized her, she pulled down her glasses, smiled, and waved. It was Kim K.

She was still not so widely known at the time, but I knew of her from her Dad, and, "Keeping up with the Kardahians" that had just started in 2007'ish, so I knew for sure it was it was her.

I smiled and waved back, and walked away.

Seriously, what are the chances?

~ Starlin

Flew Outta Boston and Touched ...

..in LA, now we're headed on to Phoenix then Nashville, HEY, Atlanta, we're movin on." (A little line from "Long Hard Ride" http://itunes.apple.com/se/album/long-hard-ride/id390644739

But, in this week's case, it's Atlanta, to Denver to Salt Lake to St. George to Salt Lake to Atlanta to Chicago to New York...then BACK TO Atlanta! Yes, all in one week.

What in the world am I doing? Well, making some $$$ for my Family while I "do what I do". Lot's of speaking and music licensing, and, writing more music for some of my recent publications.

Soon, and very soon, I will be back to doing some shows, and, will be playing gtr, organ and percussion with Ben Pruett (www.benjaminpruett.com) on March 11.


The California Cop asked me...

The California cop asked me, "You all don't just throw fruit out of car windows in the state of Georgia now, do you?"

This was the question asked of me by the Petaluma, California Police Department in 2007 as we toured through the area.

The band I was traveling with had rented a Dodge Charger for the night and the 4 of us were following the promoter back to the pad where we were staying in Sonoma County.

It was 2:30 a.m. and as I finished an apple I threw it out the window ... blue lights flash, grrreat.

The Officer walks up and asks for my drivers license and registration, asks about the rental car, looks inside, and sees 3 other "rocker boys" as he put it. (yeah, this isn't going to go so well.)

So he looks at my driver's license and says, "You all don't just throw fruit out of car windows in the state of Georgia now, do you?" I should have thought more about it before I said it, but naturally, politely even, I said in my best southern accent, "well sir, as a matter of fact - we do!"

I got a ticket for $375.00

Kids, never throw things from car windows, even if it's organic.

Happy Travels, Starlin

Good Times in the Family

Hey Whasup? I'm currently writing and producing country demos with some of my family and having the time of my life.

I've performed, written and produced a lot of country music, but this is my first venture into publishing these works and, I'm super stoked.

When working with family, I'm able to dive into very personal episodes of my life and write from the heart. I've enjoyed doing the commercial power/pop stuff - it's fun, but I actually feel some healing taking place within me by being able to express things so personal.

The musicians we have been working with have been incredible. We recently brought in a vocalist named Tuff Whitfield who did an outstanding job. The demos are currently being recorded @ Organic Studios in Stockbridge, GA with Justin Dale as engineer. Soon, will have new stuff uploaded to my site @ www.reverbnation.com/starlin, and, I'll be promoting these while in L.A. for the ASCAP conference this April. (Not to mention in Nashville as well as soon as they come off the press.)

Whether you like country music or not, stay tuned...you're gonna dig this!

~ Starlin

A blog worthy meal

I don't usually post a status of what food I ate, nor do I take pictures of my food. But trust me, I just had a meal worth blogging about.

Southerners, you can tune me out f you want, but my northern, wetern and int'l friends, pay attention.

In the southeast on new years day it is customary to eat collards, black-eyed peas, corn bread, and sweet potatoes. Some people add some other extras, but the important thing is the collards and black eyed peas.

The collard greens are to bring lots of money for the new year, and the black eyed peas are for good luck.

Kat is from Georgia and learned to cook this stuff from her mom; and man can she cook.

So, I'm on a food high now, full, happy, and blogging about it. If you think that's crazy, I'll probably write a song about it.

1-1-11, Life. ~ !

WOW, 1-1-11! It even looks cool when you write it ~

2009 and 2010, both, were the best and worst years of my life.

I tend to write about the good stuff, which are the results of much pain and agony.

One day, i'll be bold enough to tell you the painful stories that have made success.

It's a bitter / sweet pill, this Life, and everything, has a price.

Live it to the max in 11.