Unspeakable acts...deranged minds

DROID SECTOR DECAY has finished the recordings of a new song...its lyrical theme has to do with incest and its atrocious results. As for the musical part it is in the vein of the old school industrial / EBM style.

There Is No Light Over Devil's Land CD REVIEW peek-a-boo music magazine


The Greek one man project Droid Sector Decay presents us with quite a varied album, offering a good combination of excellent instrumentals and more danceable cuts. It's a very diverse album which doesn't bore for a second. Perhaps an album that needs to grow on you, and then you realize how fantastic some tracks are.

The track Necronom XI for instance, is a beautiful melancholic masterpiece. The Ritual will please the Cold Meat Industry fans, whilst Devil's Head or The Cage is dancefloor material for EBM heads, think Lost Image or Stin Scatzor. Also the spoken samples are well chosen and are defenitely a plus for the tracks.

It is a great 10 track trip through Mister Stravopoulos' strange cold dark world. Along side Inline Sex Terror and Cylix, Droid Sector Decay is the next very interesting Greek project that we have to keep an eye on!

Jurgen VANVLASSELAER 04/04/201

Review of the debut album by Maxymox from The D-Side webzine

- - DROID SECTOR DECAY - Spread The Virus ... Western Decay - -

Family of techno-artists belonging to the Toxic Razor (Obsidian Radioactive). The DSD one-man project under consideration is represented here by his brother, The Rythmdealer (synths / rythmachines / samples / progs / vox / fx), who made his debut with this self-produced debut with a clear matrix industrial-dark/electro experimental. The project's operational headquarters is located in Rhodes but the intent that supports "Spread ..." is hopeful of a branch to the album's heard throughout the rest of the continent, setting the purpose, and with due proportion, style, aligned with the best current tactical schemes adoperanti influenced by references to the F242, Cat Rapes Dog, Velvet Acid Christ , Project Pitchfork. The eleven tracks of work does not save on energy, nor even in danceability sampled using lyrical and instrumental dynamism but falling back too often on an uncomfortable replication that partially obscures the effect: "Western Decay" opening, loops transmit voice, touches of piano, sporadic drum beats and effects in the background. "Cold Blood Murders" raises a strong barricade electro-rhythm to support progs sellers waiting for the next sequentially-percussive aggression of "If You Can not Scare Them, Them terrify." A module structure forerunner extremely danceable "From Night, Evil Night", a dark-techno finely drawn up by rhythmic drumming, as the perfect dancefloor imposes. "We Are All Freaks" propagates hypnotic waves of electronic trance-oriented, land-based "Invade.Damage.Occupy" fiery sharing contributions of up-tempo synthetic percussion, while "Church Crusher (Furure Extended Version)" breaking the precise pulse of percussion inserting the flow of synth. "The Perfect Lie (edit)" established by the experimental theories technologie echoed vocals as well as "Incomplete Investigation" beat time with a danceable drumming dualism progs-crossed by phrasing championships. A repetitive symphonic fragment is introduced into the core of "Underage Girls Should Not Shake Their Ass (Ass Shaker Mix)" track colorless and expressionless before the "second shot" of "Western Decay" by pneumatic percussion darting alongside its sequential graph designed for cyber-dancers. Album is not particularly imaginative, monolithic, however, within which there is a verve mail not entirely secondary, the introduction of a generous dose of imagination and arrangements bravest can certainly increase the credits shows that the artist had. A second test will be a must. -|-|-» the boldness of composition in the near future will be a key priority for The Rythmdealer: talent, as perceived, needs and improvements in variegatezza proposals to reflect more space. Good but with reservations.


Another song from the forthcoming album is been recorded, this time based upon a crime that took place in Macau back in 1985...it is about a brutal murderer: a cannibal...true or fiction? who knows?...everybody loves urban legends.


DROID SECTOR DECAY has finished the recordings of a new song entitled "The Cage" which is inspired by a true story: the kidnapping of Colleen Stan, also known as "The Girl In The Box" and "The Sex Slave" case.

Colleen Stan is an American woman who was kidnapped and held as a sex slave by Cameron and Janice Hooker in Red Bluff, California, for over seven years between 1977 and 1984. At the trial of her abductor, her story was described as then-unparalleled in FBI history.


http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-no-light-over-devils-land http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/hell http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/the-android-invasion http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/track/euphoria http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/horror-baby-feel-the-horror http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/pleasure-is-sin http://droidsectordecay.bandcamp.com/album/spread-the-virus-western-decay

DSD|424 A year & a half...

DROID SECTOR DECAY is currently working on new songs for a future album release.It is almost a year & a half since this project is active and i must say that things are still going pretty well.The responce & feedback i am getting is good and i am glad that via DSD i have known very interesting people.So i want to say a big thanx to all of you (fans,sites,netzines,djs etc.) for your support & for your helpful comments. SPREAD THE VIRUS...WELCOME TO DECAY~


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