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Awesome Gear List from the "That's What I Am" sessions.

EGM, I found this article describing what he used on the album. May be what he used on that recording....... Guitar player 2001 ERIC GALES Eric Gales' fierce blues style first turned heads with his major-label debut in 1991. He was 15. But Gales' latest release, That's What I Am [Nightbird], shows he has taken a different route than some other high-profile wonder kids. While he continues to dish out supercharged Hendrixisms, the new album also finds him freely mixing elements from all over the musical map. "Recently, I've been inspired by Papa Roach, Kid Rock, and Korn--I love their grooves," Gales admits. "Of course, I'll always listen to Albert King, Muddy Waters, Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Larry Graham, and stuff like that. Music is like a sauce--you have to mix it up or it'll get boring." One of the reasons Gales' stylistic goulash works so well is that he approximates the vibe of various genres, but still relies on his familiar tones. His main guitars for That's What I Am were a Fender Custom Shop Swat (with Texas Special pickups, a left-handed body, and a right-handed neck), two Fender American Standard Strats, a Gibson Les Paul, a baritone Strat, and a Guild acoustic 12-string. His amps included two Soldano half-stacks, a Rivera Bonehead stack, and a vintage Marshall head through a 4x12 cabinet. Effects included a Roger Mayer Octavia, a CryBaby wah, and a Boss Blues Driver pedal. Gales also experimented with the Line 6 Amp Farm plug-in for Pro Tools. While numerous technical and stylistic ingredients contribute to Gales' blues stew, he considers his creative instincts as essential elements. "I'll testify until I can't no more to the value of total spontaneity in the studio," he says. "That's how I handle pretty much everything I do, musically. Doing it any other way makes music seem like homework--and I've always hated homework." --SHAWN HAMMOND



Guitar World Magazine's Reader's Poll named Eric as “Best New Talent,” in 1991. Eric Gales - New CD “Relentless” arrived several days ago and what a real treat. it is. No kiddin'! This album has all the makings of a stellar Blues / Rock CD for the masses. Mr. Gales, a guitar prodigy at the age of 16, and Memphis native hit the world of heavy, blues/rock running and to this day still shows no signs of slowin' down. His licks can be extremely fast, and accomplished while his slow hand phrasing can be very mature & emotive. His tone is supremely heavy. The first song "Bad Lawbreaker" has that "Red House" vibe going on. "When You Got No Place To Go" and "On the Wings of Rock n Roll are also slower blues tracks, the latter being a moody minor blues with spiritual quality . Nonetheless, I was riveted to my chair thinking that I was listening to the second comin' of Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, I know... You've probably heard that he does sound like Hendrix and or Stevie Ray. However, don't let that stop you from enjoying this disc. Gales has much more going than that on this Killer CD. He can divinely take you "Home" with his muse and there are glimpses of Eric Johnson in his playing add further dimension to Gales' style. I luv it when Gales breaks into some of his euphoria-induced, soaring solos while leaning expressively on that wah-wah pedal of his. For instance, the hard rock tune "Block the Sun.", Gales displays his psychedelic guitar prowess and my man ain't afraid to use his blistering hard rock rhythm and lead attacks either. And, his guitar tone is just amazing. This record was cut with his new Two Rock guitar amp, the same company that makes amp for John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa and Carlos Santana. Wow!!! The tune "Draggin' Me Down" is a hard rock song that stands up and says "recognize". I totally dig the songwriting on this track... It reminds me of King's X 's. The lead guitar solo on this will blow your pentatonic induced mind fo' sure. And let's not forget another rocker called "The Liar"... My oh my., This one is will make the hair on the back of your neck stand-up. The tune's middle section has this really kool syncopated guitar, drum and bass riff that's infectious, and the guitar solo just burns a hole right thru ya. CAUTION: If you listen to this one in your Ride, don't get a ticket ! I promise you your foot will turn to lead while listening and you'll find yourself doin' 90 in a 55 mph zone... I can see the flashing lights in my rear view mirror now... Shiz-niz-it ! Not another speeding ticket...

The song "Spice" reminds me of another bluesman named Ian Moore... Blues / Rock ROMP all the way any day, hey, hey, hey with this baby... If this trax don't give you a "mean lean" than nothin' will... "Change in me" is a hot rocker in the style ala ZZ Top's La Grange.... Foot tappin' music all the way... Lastly, we have one of my favorites, an AWESOME Instrumental Guitar Tune in the Style of Satriani, Eric Johnson, called "Universal Peace Pipe". This tune is so uplifting and heartfelt and a twist away from the rest of the CD's style... I call this one "Modern Instrumental Guitar Rock". Eric Gails has totally got my head spinnin' with this enjoyable, sweet, feel good tune... Yeah Baby!!!! The Blues Bureau label has developed a strong following for its superior blues rock recordings. Eric Gales takes his place among artists in the label's legacy that includes such blues/rock legends as Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Chris Duarte, Stoney Curtis and Leslie West.

Eric's masterful guitar and vocal performances on “Relentless” portend a great response from loyal fans of blues/rock as guitarist/singers of this quality and intensity are few and far between. I GIVE THIS CD 5 STARZ OUT OF 5 *****

Scott Thomas