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New Song Posted

Whisper on the Shoulder was the last song to be recorded by us - a difficult time during the recording of this, though there was a real effort made to recapture the spirit of the earlier songs. Going through my archives, I rediscovered the recording session files and thought it would make a fitting end. This page remains as a memorial, though I suspect the music has a place in each of the bands 2 founding members hearts. The song has been re-mixed to a higher standard, and this treatment may also be performed on the first song written together (though not on the RN playlist). This feels like a fitting end to the Black Tiger Moss Band, the very first song and the very last - both not included for the feeling that they weren't ready, etc.

'Madakalaa' -- Our Tribute to John Martyn

Hello folks,

we thought we would share an interesting point about writing Madakalaa:

we wanted some home-grown percussive elements in the song, so we decided to try pan lids(!) from the kitchen, and it turns out that the two lids we picked were pitched at E and F# which are the root notes of two of the song's main chords! A little help from John? We like to think so. Cool nontheless!

Take it easy, Dawn & Paul