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New Tune

Ricky Ray and myself have a created a cool little number. It's a work in progress, but Ricky really brought my words to life.

Ok..........I'm no lightweight

I have lived through decades of music, so I know good music when I hear it. Blues, Rock, Country, Punk, soul and even some classical. I am so grateful that my fans have not locked me into one genre, and therefore have shared some of the most incredible music that one person could ever hope to hear. I thank you for sharing your music with me, and I hope you know how wonderful you are.

Have to share this Story........

Today, my son (who is a High School Teacher) had a former student return for a visit, She attends college in Northern Ohio She ask him if he knew a Janet Snow, and he replied that was his Mom. The student ask if she wrote songs, and my son, who was surprised, said she does. The student said "Oh My God, everybody on my dorm floor loves her!" Wow! Ths has made my year, not just because college kids are listening to my materal, but also how proud my son is of me. I pass this on because my friends here on Reverbnation, you just NEVER know whose listening! Janet

Susan Raines
Susan Raines  (over 6 years ago)

Just read you're blog Janet,,,, That's such a great story... How cool to have that happen!!! You are a brilliant songwriter Janet! Don't ever stop!!!!!

Todd Lincoln Richards
Todd Lincoln Richards  (about 6 years ago)

Now that..........is very cool. Yeah put it out there, with the internet doing it's thing, you never know who's listening. Of course it doesn't hurt that you're writing at a very high level, as they say, good songs find a way.