Lahaina Lulu's

Last night (June 18th, 2010) was our first show in almost 2 years. It felt really great to be back on stage and in front of the fans again, The reactions are priceless. It started off with Ryan Lee opening up with a guitar solo that had the crowed in a jaw open stance as he hypnotized them with his crazy finger skills on the nylon strings.. After Ryan Lee did his thing it was time to get the show poppin, 81-Jay's solo beat dropped and he entered the stage ready to please the crowded with the first verse of "Lovers End" in which transitioned into MOET's solo as he got the crowed jumpin' with the first verse of his solo "Ya Boy" after 81-Jay and MOET got it crackin it was time for BANGATRAX to enter the stage as he stepped to his Keyboard to show the crowed who the mastermind behind the Beat instrumentals and production of Assault Squad Riderz is. The night continued as we (A.S.R)brought the house down and pleased the crowed as we promised our friends and fans that we would. for the people that couldn't make it all I have to say is you missed a great show and hope you can make the next one and for you folks that live out of the State of Hawaii, We hope to rock a stage near you soon.. Thank you and much Mahalos to our supporters and we hope you continue to support our craft and help us put Hawaii on the Map for Hip-Hop