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We've Finished Recording!!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to say that we have finally finished the recording process with Mr. Vince Ratti. It took a little longer than expected, seeing how we were only able to do it on our free time... WEEKENDS! The recording took place in Fairless Hills, PA @ The Skylight Studios w/ Vince Ratti between the months of March, April & May 2010. I believe we spent about 13 days in the studio tracking & mixing everything.

Recording with Vince was a great experience for all of us, and we definitely look forward to working with him again in the near future. His talent & expertise really helped us bring our music to the level we were aiming to achieve. Thanks again Vince!

There will be a total of 9 songs on the album. We have also chosen the album title & track listing, which will remain "hush hush" for the time being as we finish these last few laps that we have left. Over the next couple weeks we will have the tracks mastered while we continue to get our asses back into practice mode, as 90% of our practice time was spent recording.

In a few weeks we will begin booking as many shows as we possibly can. Sampler CD's, consisting of a few select tracks from the album, will be available for FREE at each show. We will also put a few tracks up on our MySpace site as well. Among other things to come... NEW T-Shirt designs!

Thanks for checking in & we'll see you all very soon,

Steve S.

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