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Be careful who u listening 2

I alwayz comment that the 30 and up music market is suffering for sum1 to listen 2..I feel like some of the ol headz that use 2 complain about the watering down of the music..wut they didnt know at the time a systematic formula 2 control society thru all phases of life most importantly media wise wus in full effect...some of the richest people in the world are at war against common working class people...wake up or be slaughtered!

Real Men Doin Man Shyt!

Peace n blessingz..once again its your brother from another mother, Renaisance. I'd like to send a quick shoutout to the fathers, including mine. So often we are fed so many reminders about our society and race's inability to keep a home together and raise a family. So often we are fed reminders about the shortcomings of our black men to the extent we become numb and almost expecting of failure. Well peace to the men that I know who take care of their kids. The men I know and make moves with and have love for do a variety of activities during the day; but always have time to kiss their kids. I just wanna say, keep pushing, keep living healthy and prosperous and lets continue to strengthen the core of our future, the family. Peace.