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great things to come!

We here at ENduVal have been busy this summer. We have a new song for our upcoming album done, "Rise as One". Its also the first single release for us, and that has us all pretty excited. The song will be available to stream here on Reverb Nation tonight. After that, you will be able to buy the single from us, which will feature 3 songs from the upcoming album, and include a free ENduVal sticker. Stay posted for more great news!

ENduVal are you "EN" with the new?

ENduVal is at hard work to create a new experience with 2 more new songs, the songs will have the same ENduVal vibe to it, but with a 180 spin that will be sure to catch your ear, this being said, the best song by this band has not yet been heard by everyone, only rehearsed in the practice room and heard by few to none, this one song in particular has a smooth and clean sound with an all out epic chorus that is sure to have you in awe.. being there softest song yet,, also in construction will be there most brutal next to there song "surrender" like the other song it has catchy hooks and melodically driven tones, neither songs have a name. but one of the two will be released on 9\25\2010 @ There biggest show of the year in The Ugly Mug Live venue!! will you be there to experience it!?

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