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Six Months!

I can't believe its been six months already of me being married! I will be honest, marriage is always an every day fight, but man is it worth it! My daughter is doing amazing...she's growing up to be such an amazing little lady...despite the changes in our lives, she expresses and tells me how blessed she is to have two daddies...so glad she sees it that way! She loves them both so much and I am sooo glad we continue to work together as a family and each one of us help for things in life to go smoothly... truly a blessing! Lately I've been meditating on just LIFE...i want to make drastic changes in my life...my priorities have changed sooo much and I am ready! So, I've set myself some goals and working slowly at them...I pray for Jehovah God's guidance... Message to everyone: keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at you - let it all make u a better person - at some point you WILL realize the struggles, whether big or small, were ALL worth it! Hope everyone has a blessed day!

The Married Life

On July 26, 2014 I married my best friend...since then, it has been amazing...of course, takes getting used to living with someone but my goodness...its all been 50/50 - he makes us dinner at times, and if i cook, he washes the dishes...he studies w/us as a family and is there for my daughter. The smallest thing is what makes me happy and he continues to do all those little things...my wedding was everything i expected and more..a fairytale wedding - everyone had such a great time...i stood back at times that night and just took it ALL in... such a great feeling...I will continue to pray that this stays the same for many many years to come....but am grateful and feel so blessed to be where i am.... on another note, i finished my song entitled "Dance" and soooo excited to upload here...soon soon!! so stay tuned!!! its a fun one!

Fantasy Made Reality

I remember at the lowest part of my life, praying to God to please provide me with a man who will love me unconditionally - who would appreciate me as a woman, as a mother, as a wife - a man who would make me feel like the only woman on this planet - who is not afraid to show his emotions - who will stand by me through my most difficult times and understand me as a person - someone who won't worry about keeping up with the "Jones'" - whose priority would be God and Family first and everything else would come...I didn't imagine I could ever get my prayers answered...not like this....but they have...I am so proud to say I am engaged to the most amazing man...he is all of the above and more...he has broken all my walls and has made me see through his actions that true love does exist - that the fantasy kind of love does exist - its real!! I feel so blessed to have found you.. I pray the days here on go by slow so that I can appreciate every moment of growing old with you....to my best friend, my everything...... I love you...

Just a lil something..

Hey guys.. I haven't done anything original in soooo long!! I'm so disappointed! Just been crazy with finally getting my life where I need it to be! I should have LOTS to write about huh? ;) Well, just wanted to say it feels sooo good to be on the "other side" of things... u know, that place where you feel you would never get to after life throws you to the ground? Well, I'm there and its definitely worth the trials and tribulations..so to all of you who are going through a tough time, hang in there, keep fighting b/c the other side can be even more amazing than u had imagined!! I promise.. u just have to believe and see God's hand in it all.. pay attention to all the signs...he sure does work in mysterious ways..!! I truly believe that! Never, ever give up!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Besitos!

Undeserved Blessings

At times I feel I don't deserve these daily blessings -- as a matter of fact, I know I don't deserve them...but I am sooooo thankful for receiving them and for ALL the love and support I have received - so today, on this beautiful day, I will take a walk, take a deep breath and thank God for all the wonderful things in life and for his guidance...hope everyone has a blessed day!

Auditioning for "The Voice" 2013

So here is my experience.. the casting crew for the show The Voice contacted me a few months ago via email and asked if I was interested in audition for the 2013 season. They said they found my youtube page (so guys, its worth having a youtube page!)- that they actually reach out to people like myself to audition.. imagine my surprise! Me? wow.. of course I didn't believe it, but after doing some research, I did find that it was legit and said ok, lets do this! The cool part was that it was a private audition - i think the 3rd phase of the whole process so no lines or open calls or waiting forever.. they gave me a date, time and place, I did my thing and was on my way... It felt nice to know that they considered me good enough to get to that point! I was honored! It was not about the production or anything crazy, it was about your voice.. i appreciated that so much since I tried out for the X-Factor and had a horrible experience. I left this audition content and felt that it was worth the effort since I got positive feedback and everyone in the audition process were so awesome and made me feel so comfortable! In the process, I met some really cool people and enjoyed my time in Atlanta, GA. I would definitely do it again and recommend anyone who is hesitant to go ahead and do it! You will not regret it! They are very down to earth and appreciate your talent regardless if you are what they are looking for or not. Well, just wanted to share this with you all.. keep following your dreams and making music! xoxoxoxo


We ALL, I am sure, have had our share of situations where we force ourselves not to trust. I've been down that road many times - but we must not forget: if we build our wall too high, we can't leave room for those who can help us through difficult times... which is so dangerous - so instead of shutting everyone out, be cautious and choose wisely - there are still those out there who are sincere and may even have gone through the same situation you are going through.. don't give up on everyone - for you are then depriving yourself of salvation of what we know as distrust.


Decisions are necessary in anything we do..i have had my share of mistakes - its great though to be reminded of the right ones I have made even if those meant pain in my life. Lesson Learned: Right decisions don't always feel good, but in the end, the blessings are worth the trials. We are in control of our circumstances - if we always think positive and our actions show love in all we do, we can never go wrong....

Mig One Productions
Mig One Productions  (over 5 years ago)

I personally know of this crazy chick who has been through hell and back. Some decisions she has made can be classified as "ehhh... needs work"; others have been amazingly on point. Example, In the past she hasn't been so inclined to even text her peeps to let them know they mean something to her but she's been improving on that so she deserves props for that. There's a Proverb that says "In all your ways take notice of (Jah), and he himself will make your paths straight." As long as she does that, all her decisions, painful or not, will work out in the end! ;-)

Second Chances

Life has its crazy turns - when you least expect it, it teaches you grand lessons and can give you even better things you would never believe existed! So, take those chances, learn, LIVE....its an unlimited feeling of satisfaction and gratitude!


Love how you can find so much originality here in Reverbnation! Shout out to all artists on here who are doing their thang!