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New music soonish!

If I stopped working today, I would still have new releases for a couple of years. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait. New music coming soon!


Album coming December!

I was kicking it with Jonathan McReynolds today (reverbnation.com/jonathan McReynolds) and Britney Delagraentiss where the last song for my album was finished. I also kicked it with my Brother-in-law after that. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and my sister is lucky to have such a wonderful husband and father of her child. I'm ending the night out at her house in Indiana and I'm also excited to see my nephew when everybody wakes up in the morning. In it's entirety, today was a good day. Good music was everywhere, and so was God

- Love

In The Studio

I'm in the Studio with Q Solar Five. Had Sense One in the other day. As always, good music is being made.

- Love

New Music In Abundance!

There are several projects to look forward to coming soon. I'm currently working on Alicia "Ya Yah" Townsends album "Just Me", Nate "Illuminate Mics" Marshall's solo EP, and Shaun "SCP" Peace's Bob Marley Tribute EP. Also, my own album will drop near the end of the summer. Enjoy the Music!