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I try to live above it,& clear of the things that tempt my demons. I've learned that a clear conscious don't weigh much. I'm no angel,but maybe one day I will be...


Faithfully Emazing

May my heights never settle... I let my ambitions roam endless roads and my dreams last longer by the night... One thing will always be for sure... I have no choice, but to be Great...

#Faithfully #Emazing

Mr. More Knowledge

"The more you live,then the more you see... The more you see...the more you think... The more you think... the more you understand... The more you understand... the more you know... The more you know,then the more you know that you don't know it all..."


From Hell and back...

I looked at the everyone prosper that made me suffer,& it makes it hard to swallow. It squeezes my heart,& shortens my breathe to know that they slept while I fought. They celebrate my destruction,but what they did not predict is victory being my testimony. For when my battle is done I will have beauty for my ashes,because I will survive the fire. I pray they are as fortunate...



Time & space can't measure how far you've come.

Cherish time with not a dull moment for in a blink, the future will here...

Then what was once new is old,& a new New is created...

#FreshForever #NewNew #WithAgeComes


Another day has passed,& I am 1 year older. Through out my years my perspective has evolved,& I feel like life has developed a more vivid definition. My vision is clearer than ever,& though I can not see the future my destiny seems to have gained some clarity. As the blue prints of life unfolds itself to us as we age, I can't help but notice that previous desires become meaningless distractions. Temptation loses its seductions,& passion replaces the void. God has finely tuned a once quit wild ,ram buckish young lad into a well groom, still in progress gent. Only God knows what will happen, but I plan to wear this age in style & honor. I thank God for another day.I thank my family for being family,& much love for all the birthday love. Stay up! #27

When Life Bites

" You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." "Suck out the poison,& spit it back at 'em..." #Genesis50:20 #WhenLifeBites #BoomerangBang


The sky shows its affection when it cries,& its madness with thunder... You may think rain is a coincident,but it's the sky's love language to the Earth... All day the ground stares at the atmosphere knowing they'll never meet... Wind is a result of the Heavens growing tired of its wait,& finally it rains... Then for one instance, lighting strikes a tree,& they touch until the next storm... #Rain

It's Never Over

Good Morning 2014, With this fresh start I plan to take advantage of my youth,while it still lingers in my grasp. I have much to conqueror,before it's too late! With quiet patience I shout with much urgency, "Let's get it!" I must climb this mountain before I grow tire with contentment,& my passion fades. I'm in love with my destiny,& my heart is purposed with no objection. One day I may grow old,but my dream will never die... I will never stop!

#VroomVroom #ResoultionToBeTheSolution #ItsNeverOver

Change The Game

I remember when I wanted to take over the world,& now I just want to change it...

It has influenced me so much,& now I just want to do the same thing for it...

Not for just me,but for my friends,my family,the people who thought no one noticed them,those who thought they were forgotten,the ones who I've yet to meet,everyone, everybody,& most of all my God...

Where would I be without you...

#Friends #Family #TogetherWeStand #TheWorldIsOurs #OurFarther #ChangeTheGame