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New song from new CD

This is one of my latest songs from the new CD - Pickin it up again. This track is called - Dancing in the Headlights. Will release two more tracks before Christmas. Hope you like. Cheers JC

Amazing new song...

Wrote a song for a beautiful friend of mine and it wouldn't come to life. So I left it for a bit and then a couple of weeks ago I pulled it off the shelf and it came to life. It's that kind of song that makes you think damn I want to feel like that about someone in my life. It is called "So beautiful it hurts" just putting the final touches on it right now and then will release it before this summer. Really proud of this one...thanks for the inspiration..stay beautiful and stay you.

Juliet A Valencia
Juliet A Valencia  (almost 2 years ago)

That is so sweet, I cannot wait to hear it. Who wouldn't want to inspire a song!

New songs will be posted soon.

Just finishing up some new tracks that will be on my new CD. Will also be posting some new pics and videos soon as well. Stay tuned..I am really excited about the new stuff....staying true to my heart and my sound. Cheers JC

Moving on up the Charts!

Just hit #45 on the Reverbnation Country charts for Canada.....broke the top 50. Awesome!! Thanks for all your support and encouragement! Cheers JC

New guitarist has joined the band!

My friend and awesome musician Lance Douglas has joined my band and we have already collaborated on a few songs. They will be released as singles in 2014 so stay tuned! Cheers JC

Second Chances CD in the works

Hi everyone, Just working out the final details for my new CD Second Chances. You can check out a sample track I just released - Country All Night Long. Leaning towards a more fuller sound though I will keep some tracks acoustic...thanks for all your support. CD should be ready summer 2013. Cheers JC

Back in the studio working on Everybody Counts

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and a very productive and wonderful 2012. Cheers JC

Humbly asking for your vote for my song submissions to APCMA

Hi everyone, I am submitting a few of my songs to the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards and I am humbly asking you to listen to the songs I am submitting and if you like them then to vote for me when the time comes. The songs will be off the CD - A New Path - I have several songs up here on ReverbNation. Please check them out and thanks for your support....you all are awesome as usual. Miigwech

Media Meltdown was fantastic!!

Listening to the players and supporting the cause for Confederation College was fantastic. I followed a wonderful new Rap Artist names Disciple and then I played some music off the CD - A New Path and did a few new songs for about an hour. Was very well received and the doorman even liked the music - he said it was awesome. Good turnout and good performances all around. Good time had by all...I was glad to support and it was totally worth the effort and time. JC Wilkinson

Wow what a show and a day!

The session of Open Mic at the Learning Cafe was awesome. Good to see my friends Robin, Gloria, Paul and Ron and some new friends. We have an official stage platform now so we are in the Big Leagues lol...music was awesome friendships always amazing and to be able to share that special time with all of those who came was a wonderful gift. Was a good time and always worth the venture out to catch whomever shows up...next one is 3rd Sat in Nov - Nov 20. Should be awesome come and check it out. JC Wilkinson