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I clearly don't update this very much - not like our facebook or myspace pages. Have to fix that problem. Anyways, a lot has happened since the last update or email on here. In October 2008, Josh and I were 2 of 30 people who were given the honor to be part of the backing band forback up Weezer on stage at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, during their first encore. In early December, Jesse parted ways with the band, after being a memeber of Under None for almost a year and a half. It was a sad departure, and for the time being we are going to be a hard hitting duo until we find our bassist. Some awesome news came out of December though. On Dec. 14th, "Step Away" debuted on the airwaves! The first station to spin it was Rockin 101.7 FM in St. Cloud, DJ was the awesome Tim Ryan. We're very thankful for that opportunity. We're even more thankful to you, the fans! For all the love and support. So much, that the following week, on Dec. 21st, you flooded Tim with your requests of Under None, and he said on air "We had a buttload of requests for Under None, so I'll play that in a second." We are always thankful for each day that we get the opportunity to do what we do, and to have the support of all of you. We cannot thank you enough. What does 2009 have in store? We've already lined up one show as a duo, Jan. 29th in Burnsville at 1200 Club, with Severah and A Sound Theory. We're beginning the process of finding a bassist. We hope to have our guy or gal as part of the Under None family by mid February. If all goes well, you'll see us at shows once a month (or more), and we'll continue the webshows we started in October. Full Length album? Yup, we're hoping to get into the studio this year and release our debut, full length album. Keep tuned in and keep showing the love and support. -Andy


Under None started up as a concept and over time developed into a living, breathing entity capable of creating music and live performances that entice and captivate listeners. It all started in a garage in New Hope, MN in March of 2006. Andy Duszynski (x-Spud Monkey)on lead vocals and guitars, Jesse Stahl on bass and Brad Norman (x-Spud Monkey)on Drums. After a small handful of practices, the band's first gig was at Andy's brother-in-law's house party on May 13, 2006. The band stayed low when Brad moved up to Duluth to continue his teaching degree. They did one more show together on October 13, 2006 at a bar in Crystal, MN. In November, Brad went on to finish his teaching degree in Duluth, and Jesse and Andy sought out a new drummer. Their friend Erich Heitman (Vengeance of a Son) introduced them to Josh Nerlien (Words Ink, x-None of the Less). In December Andy and Jesse ran a tryout with Josh and were instantly blown away by his abilities. In January 2007, Erich joined the group on second guitar. The quartet did a show on January 13, 2007 in Crystal, MN. After the show, Erich and the rest of the band went separate ways. Andy, Jesse and Josh continued on for the next several months as a trio. They lined up several shows in May and June. When they performed at the Rock in Maplewood on May 16, 2007, they announced that they would be opening for the Deftones on June 16th in Milwaukee, WI. Before the Deftones show, they performed with the Montana band The Hermans, who wrote the book, “Stalking America”. On June 23rd, they wrapped up their mini-tour with a show at Club Underground in Minneapolis. At the last song of the set, “Say It Ain’t So”, they announced that that song was Jesse’s last song with the band. Jesse stepped down from the band. About a month later Josh and Andy found Jesse Lungstrom (x-guitarist Camel Junkie). Jesse was interested in joining on as a guitarist, but after learning that the band was in need of a bassist and having some bass experience, he stepped up and took on the bass spot. On October 14, 2007, the band returned to the stage with more energy and presence than ever before. They took runner up in a battle of the bands night at the Dinkytowner in Minneapolis. What kind of sound does this band have? It’s a melting pot of heavy, hard rock styles. Andy brings a grunge and hard rock sound to the band. Josh brings the funk, metal and hard rock to the table. Jesse brings hard rock and a punk flavor to the mix. To generalize the sound as rock or just hard rock doesn’t fully explain the sound. It’s a familiar, yet new sound. Like the lovechild of Nirvana and the Deftones. That mid-90’s rock/grunge sound, only an updated, edgier, 2.0 version, with a hit of something you just can’t put your finger on. A flavorful variety of songs which showcase all the different styles, emotions, and moments anyone can experience and enjoy. What does the future have in store? Stick around and find out. Come out to some shows, see it first hand, and come support the local grunge/hard rock group, Under None.