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Slim's sound

LOVED playing at Slim's Downtown Distillery last weekend. The room sounds great! Thanks to Abe for the deft engineering! You've all been very kind in coming out to our first shows. Come see us at Fullsteam on Jan. 8.

Nightlight nightlife

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Nightlight Tuesday night. There was LIFE down at the end of that dark alley. Special thanks go to Alaina and Alisha, who brought many friends out for The Pinkerton Raid's first show! Thanks to Mark Connor and Bright Young Things for setting up the show, Boy Without God for stopping by on tour from Boston, John and Fiona for the skillful sound engineering and bartending/hosting. Will from Boy Without God put out some beautiful guitar sounds. Matt and the BYT guys were charming as always. Hope to see you Friday at Slim's!

Introducing "Paris"

Jesse started recording this song in early 2008 with Mark Williams in Durham; we started with the bass line and rough vocal melody, and Mark, a talented singer-songwriter himself, built the keyboard and guitar parts around it, with Dale Baker adding the drum track at the end. Mark took the tracks with him when he moved to American Samoa. In the summer of 2010, The Pinkerton Raid formed, and Jesse decided to finish producing "Paris." Mark sent the tracks by airmail, and Jesse took them to Jeff Crawford at Arbor Ridge Studios in Chapel Hill. Jeff helped Jesse record the vocal tracks you hear. We're not quite finished with the arranging and mixing, but you get a good flavor of the song. We hope you like it. We're working with Jeff on four or five other songs that we'll release soon on an EP tentatively called "The Culvert."

Troika deadline Tuesday

We've been playing together for a few weeks, and with the Troika deadline coming up on June 15, we decided to do a few live recordings and see if we were reasonably happy with them. We've still got a lot of work to do, but it's a start.