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Thankfully I bow down every morning to let my creator know the gratitude my heart carries for life. There is so much Love and wonderful blessings in my life. With a sound mind and a trained body everything seems possible. Many sources of inspiration everywhere. Creating energy flows...and always keeping in mind that energy is contageous. Being thankful, in heart mind, allows a positive energy to flow, to touch everything I am in connection with. Yesterday in the late evening I decided to start working on something new and exciting. A dream I have only shared with my best friend this far, and something that seemed so overwhelming that I would not know where to begin. I have done alot of research, and awoke to a desk full of open pages in big books and notes everywhere. Even though a part of me is not quite sure what I have gotten myself into and is hesitant about the amount work that awaits me in completing this task, I am still ever so grateful that my creativity and force of inspiration is in my range. What a blessing !

Birdsong Make Me Smile

Listening to all the different tongues of the air's little citizens, always reminds me once again that God is the master musician & his symphony is alive & well. The birds tremendous voices are best heard outside of the city & preferably while gazing at tree tops watching the sun getting ready to set. I am overjoyed by being in the nature & it always refreshes me & gets me stronger for that city life. When in the nature I think alot about God's New World that he has promised us via his prophets will come to be here on Planet Earth & I pray & pray that his Kingdom may come with rapid speed, while imagining the best I can how joyous it must be. One reoccuring thought always returns to me. It has become a puzzle to me over the years. The Mosquito. The only animal I kill purposely. In moments seeming so perfect with sunset & birdsong, why do these little buggers always gotta make the skin itch.Itches that lasts for days. I wonder what the intention with that animal was. I understand that it dig on blood, & it freely takes from wherever it wants to, but why does it have to inject that nasty itchy stuff once its done ? & some are even deadly like malaria-mosquito. If God did not intend to keep it he wouldn't have saved it...so some good purpose must be connected to it. That's when it hit me...there has got to be more to this animal than sucking blood, maybe the stuff it injects has some sort of 'vaccine'-like effect. Maybe whatever it injects is beneficial for the immunesystem, only a thought, though I like to see something good about the one specie I wish away on a random basis.

Birds Are Soo Fly

Imagine spreading wings & just take off into the air...letting yourself be carried by the wind. Like a bird. Or like an angel. I feel I can experience some of the same feeling, some of the same fly feeling in my spirit. Getting High from Love. It's just soo Fly. Amazing. A Natural highness. Just soo Cool. Especially when meeting the LoveMate in my Life, & we fly that High together. Yes especially that, yet it should be experienced alone, or alone with God, too, cuz if you can't experience it in solitude, you can't experience it with anybody else...not really. It's like self Love..gotta Love urself before you can Love a LoveMate. I wrote a poem about the High feeling...how it begins with morning kisses & you just know ur whole day will shine...Yet also some reactions happens in the brain that release certain stuff, being an Artist & a creative being it is a necessity to stay in this Highness. Gratitude over knowing this Highness comes from Jah, The Most High...The Master Muse & Father !

Check out the poem, it's uploaded on player (track by the talented DJ Swagga) it's called Effectiveness...because of the effect Love have the High it brings.

While you are at it, also check out my new video GPS !

Sensitive Purple Atmosphere

SPA ....ahh . Let's talk about the best SPA that there is ! It's global & can be right where you at at any given time...furthermore it's free ! All you gotta do is acknowledge it & you can use it freely always. The SPA that I am talking about is " Spirituality-Prayer-Association " Christ said happy are those conscious about their Spiritual needs since the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. Spirituality is for me the essence of my life, & the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I know talking about God is fragile subject, since there has longsince been differences in the view point from which God is. However, for me God is my dearest friend & my Muse. Yes. My Muse. For it is Him that inspires me. It is with awe I look at his marvelous work of Creation, & it is for him I scrub my body clean & make a facial mud mask, it is for him I create poetry. More than that it is him via Christ I offer my Prayers to. Yes He listens. I know, because I have seen him operate in my life in accordance to what I have prayed about. I pray alot & I do find it the most wonderful thing in the world that The Most High of all the Universe listens to me, & knows me so very very well. Talk about a natural High right there ! Jah is Good. We are the company we hold. Truly. Even though I appreciate time spend alone in solitude ( with God), I do enjoy the company of others as well. What I don't like is the company for the company's sake. I choose carefully with whom I wish to spend my precious time. If it is not anybody who can uplift me & feed me in a healthy way, I much prefer, a pen & paper or laptop for that matter. Associations is an important & vulnerable aspect, & it is a rare gift to find someone who gives that inspiration in your life & share the same values as you in life. Whenever I am with an vegetarian I feel so good, because there is a profound mutual base of life we share. Veganism has been the center of my life for so long that I treasure whomever I meet who feels the same way. When I meet other Poets I also immediately feel a bond (most of the time) because I know we both share the same Love for Art, & it feel homely. When I meet people who believe in the coming of The New System I feel good because I can share with them my dreams in a safe way. Vegans, Poets, Believers....yes they make out a nourishing Association for me, that makes me Grow as a Person, Artist & Servant of God Jah. SpiritulityPrayerAssociation - welcome to the SPA I have uploaded on my player a tune called God's Child...finding it relevant ( it's also available in The Poetess' Store on the ALBUM collab with DJSwagga)

When The Soft Wind Surrenders

Yes taking good care of oneself dearly involves consciousness about what we put inside the skin & what we put outside the skin & how we work the whole of us, yet more profound, when these aspects has been taking care of we must inevitablely be conscious about what we put inside of our mind. & to do that we must empty it from time to time. Clean it, the same way we clean our face every morning. We must be still, we must enter into the calmness of our selves. Yes we can never control complete silence from our surroundings yet we can control the stillness in our own mind. Meditation. Only then can we truly reflect up our lives & take the most beneficial decisions. & decisions are presented to us all the time, whether we like it or not, so why not be equipped to take the best suited decisions from a crystal clear mind ?! If you warm up ur body with excercises on a daily basis, the best thing you can do for yourself is sit or lay in quietness for minimum 20 minuttes. It is a wonderful present for the day, & it will keep you in the present. Should you find it uneasy to concentrate & should your mind wander, then chose a simple positive phrase to repeat over & over again, either in your mind or out loud. I know there are many magnificent sentences to choose from from the Holy Scriptures. I have in this regard added to my page a video that I feel relates...it's called True Word. Please check it out !

Lance Goldsberry
Lance Goldsberry  (over 5 years ago)

wonderful post my friend, and great advice about meditation. It is a life line for me.

The Sun Shines Thru Clouds pt 2

In my teen years I also started playing Basket Ball on a team. Even though I had black Jordan 23 on my feet, I was not a strong player. I learned that team sports really wasn't my thingy. However I truly enjoyed the many opportunities there was to raise arms towards the sky. Really awesome. Not may sports offer this. So I quit the team & had a net put up at my house where I could peacefully raise my arms to the sky with ball. Soon after arobics came around as a very trendy sport. I loved it. It was the ish of the early ninetees. Only temporarily though. Dance always had my heart. & when I started taking ballet classes & afro classes & modern classes I learned news ways to have excercise where I got to raise my arms to the sky. Ballet really works the muscles, it's semi-great excercise even if one does not aim at actually dancing ballet. I say semi because some of the twists in the body aren't always beneficial. There's a reason a professinal ballet dancer only lasts a decade. I decided when I was 22 years old that I wanted to be able to dance without pain when I am 70 years old. So I did it the Isadora Duncan way ! Those who do not know her, check her out, she's amazing ! Modern dance's mama ! I think the least accesories you need in you excersize it the the best for ya. Not saying hand weights are no good, just saying push up are more organic. If you train with metal, you kinda metalize your muscles....& I don't think the bones really dig on it too much...rather lift bottles/buckets of water....& rather than running the treadmill why not run the park & get the nature incorporated in the excersize ...after all what the plants exhale your lungs depend on inhaling. Of course if you don't have the priviledge of the nature at hand, the gym is kool enuff for sho. I will upload to my player a poem about dancing & taking good care. It's called Absolutely. Check it out ! Oh yeah, & remember to eat vitamins daily. I now get mine from Nutrilite. The Woman's package & they totally rock .

Sun Shines Thru Clouds pt 1

Taking good care of yourself is the best investment anyone can ever make. I personally hold my healthy health above all matters here in this system of things. How we eat & nourish our skin is highly important, yes, but the training of our musles & looking after our bones is utmost import as well. As what we eat becomes what we are, so how we train becomes our muscles...our workers from within. There are so many activities one can put one's body to keep it in good condition. I will share my favorites & those I find most beneficial. The best excercise there exist is the one reserved for married couples. Two Lovers who have vowed before God may in Love express Love to the extent that cheeks become red & the heart pump blood all around the body. Yes the ultimate work out ! However aside from this priviledged act, other work outs may be considered. My absolutely favorite one is dancing. Free dance as well as choreographed dance. A daily dance is the best ! Moving with the music...the excercise is a true pleasure. Even though I feel like dancing at any given time, stretching has it's charm as well. I love rolling out my rubber mat while listening to the radio or Dj iTunes or preselected playlist & get deep into stretching my body. There are so many postures & once I get started it normally takes around an hour. After that I freestyle dance for a song's duration & then I sit down. To meditate. While stretching my body I also meditate. Empty my mind completely of thoughts & get as deep into the postures as possible. I always feel better after my routines & it's the greatest way to start the day. Warming up the body so the blood's flow run with effortless ease all over. As more advanced in years I get I take pleasure in holding my head down alot, so the blood can flow to the head & face. This is the best anti-wrinkle treatment there is ! In my teen years I was a runner. I ran every day & I dreamed of making it into the Olympics. FloJo was my heroine. When she passed, I started getting other interests than running professionally. I was surprised to learn of the athletes fallen victim for doping that I no longer found it my path. I had go trainers & in an early age I learned not to run in on asphalt. Being taught that this crushes the spine slowly. Always run on gravel, sand, earth, grass nomatter how much air is in those Nikeairs. This is material that work with the spine. It's bouncy enough to make the spine stronger from a good run than weaker. If you run on a surface as hard as asphalt you are really not doing anything good for the body.

Purple Flowers In The Wind

Taking good care of one self is naturally also essential from within. We are what we eat. We truly are ! It is the protein we eat that becomes our new cells as the body with effortless ease regenerates itself over & over again. I speak from a place where I have been extremely conscious about my eating habits for the past two decades. 11 years ago I was a pescetarien, then a few years later a vegetarien, then a vegan for 2 years, then vegetarien & now again pescetarien. I do still have vegan days & vegetarien days, so you can fidure I do not eat fish every day. It is not an enjoyment for me to eat a creature of the animal kingdom, I do it because as my body needs more support as I advance in Life I take the liberty of getting all I need from the fish. We were not meant to eat meat, the human race is vegetarien by default, but God gave us permission to eat from the animals after Noah & his family & the crew of animals were safe from the flood. Prior to then mankind had been living on vegetables, nuts fruits & berries..etc, furthermore the animals were vegetarien too up until this point in time. I have written a poem about it that I will upload both in texture & audio. Since God himself have given permission for us to eat animals, we must keep in mind the reason that he did that : It was because the veggie fields were all over flooded & drowned The Great Flood. Surely he gave us this permission for us to survive. As means of survival. Not putting it first , always second to our real food - the vegetation.

Satan is famous for deceiving the human race via food. It is an easy target since humans depend on solid food, while angels don't. We are earth bound & need the fruits the trees of the earth produce. Satan deceived Eva via the fruit/food, he tried the same with Jesus Christ in the desert tempting him with food knowing he was fasting. The Bible says in the last days before the God's Great Day it will be like in the days of Noah before the flood, people will be EATING & drinking etc. Most people are so caught up with eating meat that there whole day centers around it. How to prepare it, they talk about it alot & spend a huge amount on money on it. When I was vegan I was pretty much like Russell Simmons is now. Openly not supporting anything that has to do with the slaughter of animals one way or the other. I still feel the same way, but know I am more loosened up & calm about it. Knowing that it's only a phase & that people once awoken in the dawn will be totally meat-eating-free.

Eating meat is proven to slow down your entire system & kill it slowly. It is not healthy in any form. In moderation it can be means of survival. & with all the junk the industry stuff most of the meat with, no wonder the pestillences are rapidly taking over so many human bodies. Yes I do believe Satan is behind the entire meat industry. He is once again seducing the human race via food. If you live in a place where you have a choice what to eat. Stay alert & eat what makes you strong. God is good & wants us, needs us strong & healthy !

The Poem is called 'Na2real' & is up on my player now !

On A Rainy Day

Taking good care of yourself is a way to stay ready & stay in healthy shape. The skin is the largest organ the human body has. Many fail to acknowledge that the skin is an organ, they simply see it as something that protects the organs within. For the skin to be well it is important, highly important that it is nurtured. The skin absorb everything putted on it, therefore I am a firm believer of the fact that you shouldn't put anything on the skin that you wouldn't put inside the skin ! People put all kinds of products on their skin, expensive or inexpensive, it doesn't matter, if you look at the ingredients & figure it would might make you sick if you ate it, what are the chances that it will make you sick when you rub it into you. Of course if you eat it, it has a faster process & makes you ill almost immediately, while rubbing it into your skin generates a much slower pace of the illness, however, either way, inevitable. The skincare industry will not tell you that these products are directly linked to cancer. They would be out of business in a zero point 5 minute.

How I take care of my skin is very simple & very natural & it works very well. It is the best thing to do on a rainy day when ur inside. I will share with you a beneficial simple facial procedure :

Facial steam. The is a must before applying any kind of facial mask, since it opens up & precleanses the pores of the skin. Simple boiling water, pouring into a large bowl. I like to add additional herbs to the water, sometime chamomile, or lavender or green tea, or rose pedals. It gives a nice experience when having your face above the water & underneath a large towel for approximately 10 minutes. & I do believe it adds an effect. I can't see why not. I ususally sit for 3 three songs, either I turn on the radio or preselect 3 songs or let my itunes be the DJ. I am sure you can sit a little longer if you feel like it. Afterwards I put on pure clay from the Dead Sea mixed with aloe vera & I use a spoonful of the boiled steamin herb water to mix it to a smoother clay. & then I kick back for around 20 minutes, relaxing , either with closed eyes & the classical radio station, or silence...or sometimes a good book. When the clay is completely dry & tense on my skin I wash it off. Afterwards I give it a scrub. Using himalaya salt & cold pressd oil. Massaging fine little circles throughout the face. When I have rinsed all the salt scrub off I immediately apply a layer of pure honey to skin. Slice cucumber for the eyes lids & kick back in a relaxing mode. I usually let the honey stay for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. As soon as it is off & my skin is dry I apply Australian tea tree oil all on my face (avoiding the eye area of course !) This can feel a tiny bit itchy but it cleanses good. The best skin tonic there is ! Afterwards I give the skin a layer of aloe vera. Then I apply oil serum & a thin layer of sheabutter mixed with oil. Around the eye area I use Artistry essentials, an american natural skincare product !

Simple. Inexpensive. Healthy & Fun !

Candlelights in Sunlight

You never no when the infamous inspiration hits you. The kind of inspiration that just takes you there. U know there. That intimate spot, where you feel close to God. Creation. Close to Love, and perfectly in tune with now. Where you are soo high from inspiration you cannot eat, or drink or barely breathe. Sleep is impossible. Fully awake in that moment. Yes that moment. Poets know what I am talking about. Artists know what I am talking about. Everybody knows what I am talking about. Everybody knows it. Everybody may not know that they know it, but they do ! It's a birth right. A perfect feature we are all born with, that is free & comes without obligation. Everyone who's been a kid has experienced it one way or the other. Mandatory. Some let it go along the way. Some follow through. Some chase it like the wind. Some lay back & let it come falling from the sky. For me as a Poetess it can be a rhyme. For me as a writer it can be a sentence. For me as an author it can be a title.

We can never be sure when it comes, in what form it takes, yet we always recognize it when it is there. Always. When it comes wrapped up in all it's magnificent Beauty it asks nothing of us in return other than we are ready for it. At times when we are not ready for it it arrives with such passion it almost feels as a mockery. Like the day when cleaning out a basement consisting of items untouched for the pass 55 years. Exhausted physically and emotionally. My dear Dad & I. We go to the garden. Sit back in the chairs & feel a well deserved rest. The Roses are much taller than me now & I always feel sentimental looking at their healthy redness. Mostly because they remind me of my dear gracious & Beautiful Grand Mother. Her eyes have seen these roses !!! They were there when she was here. On Earth. Now she is in the Earth. My Dad rolls up his sleeves. His arms are so pale, they are whiter than white. The Sun is streaming it's light from an almost clear blue sky. My Dad lifts his head toward the light & closes his eyes. He has not been in the Sun since last year. Right there inspiration drops on me. As I sit, feeling covered in dust without a pencil or paper. All I can do it take it in. With all my senses. And pray. Pray that it will linger on until I get to a tool that will transform it into human artistic expression. Yes it comes when we least expect it. That's the way it is. The way it works. The way it likes it. The only way to honor that is to always stay ready. Stay on the tippy toes. And be prepared at best to greet it the best way there is : "Hi my Precious Friend, Glad to Meet YOU !!!"