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Buy our t-shirt & cd online

We've opened an account at bigcartel where you can order our t-shirt as well as our cd. Payment is made safely through PayPal. Go check it out, order the tee, and get a new shirt for your metal-shirt collection and enjoy the feeling of being really welldressed!

Link: http://atius.bigcartel.com/

Fantrastic review of Gods of Science

Belgian metal zine Metal to Infinity has reviewed our album and given us 89/100 points! That makes us incredibly proud and we get some awesome words in the review - hurry up on this monday morning and read it.

Link: www.metaltoinfinity.be/CDREVIEWS/Atius_Godsofscience.html

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First review of Gods of Science

Our first review of Gods of Science is here http://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de/Albums-EPs-Demos/A/ATIUS--8000.html - German zine Voices from the Dark Side has reviewed the cd and we are proud of the words in the review.

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Album out now

We are now proud to present our full length album, Gods of Science, for your listening pleasure. Currently it is available online through Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby, and Spotify. The distribution is handled by CdBaby and they collaborate with many other services and shops, so make sure to check your favorite spot on the net. Physical distribution is available through CdBaby and will soon be available on Amazon and several other services.

It has been a long time coming and we've had our difficulties, but now the album is ready and we are proud of the result. Recorded and mixed by Earplug studio here in Copenhagen, and mastered by Christofer Swahn of Worship Nothing in Sweden. The sound is aggressive and brutal and exactly what we wanted from the mastering – nothing too polished or boring from this release.

The release features the following tracks: 1. Descending To Triumph 2. Condemned 3. The Forsaken 4. Gods of Science 5. The World Forgotten 6. The Gates of Hell 7. Tounges of Despair 8. The Rising Shadows 9. Soundless Decay

New gig coming up....

April 6th, Råhuset, copenhagen

Guys and girls it is time to gather again to enjoy and celebrate the danish metal underground scene. Atius will open the event and be followed by thrashers Massive Aggression, fellow metalheads from Symbolizer, and last Decay of Existence. A brutal evening at Raahuset with lots of beer, sweat and blood. Visit the Facebook event and check out the bands: Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/201044066669964/ Atius http://www.atius.dk Massive Aggression http://www.myspace.com/massive-aggression/ Symbolizer http://www.symbolizer.eu/ Decay of Existence https://www.facebook.com/pages/Decay-of-Existence/105163139611354

Frederikshavn gig with Caro

We had a beautiful evening in Frederikshavn - we had the pleasure of enjoying an acoustic performance along with covers of the best in metal and last, but certainly not least, our friends in Caro. Maskinhallen was huge, the sound was good both on and off stage. We played the set for a small but brutal crowd - they really got into it with lots of headbanging and moshing around. A big thanks to our friends in Caro and to the crowd for showing up and making it all worth it.

A great evening!

11 bands played and rocked the audience with all kinds of metal - a beautiful sight! We went on stage as the last band of the evening and the audience was on even though it was way past midnight. We couldn't hear a thing on stage but we played through the set and the audience went crazy. Devilution gave a review of the evening (in danish) and said about Atius that it was (translated) "..interesting death metal with black metal inspirations." and "gentlemen with typical metal looks [...] which is a part of what made the show cool.". A special thanks goes to Downswitch who provided the backline for the stage we played!

A weekend of listening!

We've been spending a good part of this weekend on listening to a few songs from the upcoming album. These are in the second draft, and they are really starting to sound great! We had the first draft last week and visited the engineer in the studio last thursday to have a few changes made to the already great sound, but now we are really excited about the latest version. We are hard at work on getting the record done, but our hopes for it to be finished and ready to release this year was a bit optimistic. Now it looks like it will come out by the end of the winter. We will keep you all updated as we progress along. For now we wish you all a heavy christmas and a brutal new year!

New Gig!!!

Beware: Endstille, german black metal horned kings, are coming to Copenhagen! On November 26th they will rock you and everybody at The Rock. Blodarv and Atius will start the evening and fill your hearts with molten lava and then Endstille will melt The Rock in an eruption of evil black metal... be prepared for this night of evil!

New Video!

Hail to the Gods of Science - a new video has been released to the web for all of you to enjoy. No large production or anything but it shows of live video of Atius playing, images and of course our music! Enjoy it at YouTube....