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March Update

March is here and the weather still hasnt broken, cold & windy here in NJ. Anyway, we finished mixing the record & Dave is working on the art so the album will be out asap. Hopefully in time for the show in May w/ DRI. We are taking a little break but will soon be back out there w/ 6 new songs we will begin practicing next week. Stickers are being made and 2 button/pin designs are in the works. SO we will see ya out there! SHRED TILL DEAD! S.D.

social decay

yep folks as some may know we are back and played a few shows(more to come!!!!) new record out soon so be ready some new merch also....after the record is done we hope to play all over if possible!!!! like to play with alot of our friends os101 ash monday truth n rights just keep on rolling like a tank!!! decay always...