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Our review in City weekly By Dan Nailen

Bouncing between intricate thrash, classic-sounding metal and straightforward rock, Ravings of a Madman have been around for seven years, but 2010 was a significant one for the group, thanks to the release of 12 aggressive new tunes via their new album, In the Time It Takes to Hate. The ruckus these guys generate is all the more impressive given the fact Ravings of a Madman is a three-piece. And before you think they’re all thrash and no nuance, check out one of their Acoustic Madman shows, which tone down the sound but lose none of the band’s intensity. MySpace.com/RavingsofaMadman (Dan Nailen)

In the time it takes to hate!!!!!

New album lots of madness released end of july early augest.. Keep checking back well keep you posted! Ravings