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Supporting little Lama project (http://www.littlelama.org/)

Please support the children who attend Jonang Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal by providing them with basic necessities which they otherwise may not have. These include dormitories for the students, nutritious food, clean clothing, medicine, and utilities. Students of Jonang Monastery come from a district in the north-west region of Nepal called Mugu, along the Himalayan Mountains and the border of Tibet. It is extremely remote and the poorest, least developed district in Nepal. Its people are deprived of basic facilities such as education, health services, transportation, and outside communication. Literacy rates are among the lowest in the country, and the average life expectancy in Mugu is 37 years (compared to 74 in Kathmandu). There are twelve villages of Tibetan ethnicity in Mugu, which is where these children's parents and grandparents fled to in 1959 and settled. The children, however, are citizens of Nepal because they were born in the country. For the children of Mugu, going to school is not a likely option. Most of them are helpers at home, farming and herding animals. There is no economy or job opportunities in these isolated villages. They must make the best out of the little they have.

Palgyalwa Jonangpa Takten Shadrup Choeling accepts children from Mugu to come study Tibetan Buddhism at its monastery at their parents' will. Here, students receive the basic necessities needed to live a healthy life, and just as importantly the Tibetan Buddhist education which teaches students to become people of loving kindness and compassion. The needs of Jonang Monastery in order to provide for its students are modest. Even a small donation can feed a student for days. Please consider making a donation to help our cause.