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Life Love Lost Seasons.....

Over the last year I've been recording a new Anything or Everything album, its called Life Love Lost Seasons and you can download it now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp! I am very grateful I was able to rope in TD Benton from White Collar Sideshow to play the drums, he did an outstanding job. The downloads are free on both sites, on Bandcamp click buy now and say 0.00 in the price field to get your free download. This will also give you an option to donate funds for the album. Any funds donated are greatly appreciated and will go directly back into making more AOE music. Please take a moment to stop by and browse through the songs, this album has been a labor of love and I'm so excited to share it. Thank you all for listening!



New music!

AOE is working on new music and will be sharing the songs as they are finished. The first song is called Swords, download it and our debut album Biolumination for free on Soundcloud.... http://soundcloud.com/jacob-cotner/sets/anything-or-everything-biolumination-album

AOE is also searching for a drummer to play some shows. Message us if you or someone you know would be interested.

Thanks for listening!!!