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MCTUFF KICKSTARTER for Volume 3 CD. We need your help!

Please view our kickstarter and help us produce our new album, McTuff: Volume 3!

McTuff Vol 3 Kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/756271922/mctuff-volume-3

Joe Doria - Hammond B3 organ Andy Coe - guitar Tarik Abouzied - drums

McTuff is an instrumental Hammond organ trio that performs jazz, funk, and rock in an energetic and spontaneous style all our own. We have two albums under our belt and have built a devoted fan base of people who love to groove!

Along with stops at venues and festivals all over the country,we're fortunate to have played a free weekly show at our favorite venue, Seattle's Seamonster Lounge, for over three years now. We've met tons of awesome people who have come out to hang and hear the music, and who keep coming back to support Seamonster and the band. Just like coming out and filling the dance floor at our shows, this Kickstarter is an opportunity to invest in real musicians making great music.

Buy what you can and, together, we'll finish this stellar album and get it out to the masses!

What You're Funding

In December 2012, McTuff and special guest Skerik visited Electrokitty Sound Studio, one of the finest studios in the region, and recorded a mix of brand new originals and covers. These slamming tracks need to be mixed, mastered, printed onto CD's, and promoted, all of which require significant financial resources. We've invested everything we have to make this recording happen, and now we've come to the community we love to raise the rest.

www.mctuffmusic.com www.joedoriamusic.com