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Adhara may be making a big move soon. and we see some big things in the near future. right now we need tons of support from friends, fans, and family. We cant wait to see you all at the top!

SHOWS 2013

ADHARA will be playing A LOT this year!!! so keeeeeep looking on our website and reverb for more shows!! time to kick it into full gear!! were coming out strong so stay tuned!!!!!

long time

wow we really dont keep up with this thing. lol. well were back to giging again! and just turned in our music to the radio stations. hope they play it. keep your fingers crossed! 3 If you havent seen us play yet come see us soon.

Club Retro!!!

so i must say this last show had to be our best!! we had so much fun and the audience was amazing. everyone was dancing and singing our songs! and when it came down to audience members singing in the microphone they did great! we had a BLAST!! thank you club retro for a great show!!


show went great at shenanigans. not our typical crowd but everyone was very cool!! we had a blast and the other two bands were great!! :)

Support the tatas show..

so we played friday night out at rollins lake and it was our worst show! haha the sound was all messed up.. something that is kind of out of our control ya know? at least we got it figured out for the next day. saturday was a great show!! there were tons of bands and they were all great! never seen so many great artists in one place :) we got this show on video so keep an eye out for our youtube. just search adharable or adhara every once in a while and see what comes up :) AM

Boardwalk. . first timer

So we had a show last thursday on july 1st. its was our first time at the Boardwalk in orangevale. pretty fun. people say the sound was band,but from where i was standing it sounded good. the house was pretty packed. i'm sure if it were a friday or saturday it would have been way more full! We want to play there again! super bad!!! lol it was just fun. . . all i could see was people in white shirts. i was blinded by the light, in a good way. it was kind of cool not being able to see all there faces. . only thing was not many people were dancing. for anyone really. pretty lame. i remember when i was in high school and jr high. everyone loved to dance. GET INTO THE MUSIC!! let go people! everyone just stands there now a days just bobbing there heads. ugh. . i hope when we do biiiig concerts people have a better time. i mean our music is super easy to dance to. really! i do it almost the whole time!! and its not every day you see an all girl rock band. . any who. . we got another show on the 16th. . playing at a 21st birthday, i believe. there paying us to so thats good. . :) I'm told a few songs will be done mixing by tomorrow and we can put up some music on reverb. then maybe we can enter some contests and stuff!!! T.T.Y.S Athena Marie (Adhara)