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It's A Nashville Songwriter Tradition.......

It's a Nashville songwriter tradition to write a song about your grandpa. Most of the songs in that particular style are glowing tributes about old grandpappy. I thought about doing that but then I think I would be about as fake as half of the songwriters that are doing songs about their grand dad. So it is with this agenda that I wrote "Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun".

While it is true that I am old enough and actually am a Grandfather, that it might seem strange to write a song about Grandpa. But as I retraced my family history of events, I feel that I have a different viewpoint now then I would have had as a youngster.

So while this song is a bit quirky, it is true with the exception of the lyric concerning "green beans". This is due to the fact that it is near impossible to rhyme anything with asparagus.

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed how image in the music biz never changes? For all of the "originality" everybody and their mother claims to have, they seem to lack it in their onstage apparel. Thus FORCING yours truly to post his latest tune "Deja Snooze". I wrote this song because A: I see it happening and B: Because if I make fun of myself also it gives me free license. :)

Bodyguard is up on site!

Posted a new tune today, "Bodyguard". Bodyguard is kind of a rockabilly influenced tune that I wrote in general about man's best friend. During the summer I usually go outside and sit down and have my first cup of coffee. My dog goes out at the same time and usually breaks the tranquility of the morning silence with something he has heard, smelled or has seen and proceeds to start barking. So I said to myself "that's my bodyguard" which pretty much spawned the idea for the song. I hope you enjoy the tune.

First "Nashville Byline" tune is up today!

The first song has gone up and it is called "I Miss the Little Things You Do." I will be discussing the release as a whole on a video which will be coming out this week.

"I Miss the Little Things You Do" was inspired by my wife accepting a job in Nashville while we were living in Chicago at the time. She left town, and I stayed on the condition that I could come down to Tennessee when A: I sold our old home in Illinois. or B: I procured gainful employment in Tennessee.

At the time I wrote this tune, neither of the above was happening. I hope you enjoy the song and stay tuned as I will be posting more songs in the coming day ahead.

What Up Wit Dat?

This blog entry is more of a question for my fellow Reverb Nation artists. Why is it that the powers here at Reverb Nation tell you that you should only recruit fans that are of a like mind in musical taste (country = country fans, jazz = jazz fans rap = rap fans) only to send me opportunities to play at concerts featuring genres featuring music unrelated to my style. I was recently sent an opportunity to play at a concert I believe it was called "Go Girls" or something like that.

I was all set to pack up the git box and head out the door until I read that it was for female fronted bands or female solo performers and that it was one of the biggest happenings on the lesbian music scene.

Having bursted my bubble of hope I mentioned this to my wife and she suggested that I get a sex change. After considering it as a possible career move, I have declined her advice. :)

Which in closing brings me to this observation. The strange thing about where music is heading is that everybody is arranged into little musical compartments which seem to be shrinking everyday.

The cool thing about the Woodstock concert and others from that era was that you had a real mix of entertainers and styles. A notion that I think will become a thing of the past once everybody performs the music that has become the status quo.

The Ryman Auditorium - Texaco Country Showdown

I went to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last night for the first time. You can feel the history oozing out of the place. One thing that really made an impression on me was that the folks that patronized the place back in the day must have had very short legs and feet. Yours truly had to tippy toe his 300 plus butt down the stairs. If they were any shorter, I would have needed some mountain climbing gear. In addition the the stairs, the seats had me brushing my teeth with my knees.

The show itself was good. Kind of an alleged country music version of American Idol. I say alleged, because most of the yungins that were performing were closer in style to rock and blues.

A couple of the performers that were interviewed before performing had some interesting thoughts on creating music. One of them stated that he liked the prison songs that Merle Haggard wrote. He then said that in general that he liked prison songs except for prison songs by an artist like Fifty Cent. It kind of makes me think that as society and musicians continue to sub-categorize their music, maybe there will be categories for grammys for the best urban big house and country slammer genres.

Another artist interviewed stated that he liked country music because it told stories. (O.K. I'll buy that) He then went on to say that there are no stories in rock or rap music because the lyrics are indecipherable. (Ummm, no I don't think so.)

The house band that backed up the performers, was flawless and adapted to the various styles of each performer effortlessly.

All in all it was an enjoyable evening and would recommend going to the Ryman to see any future Texaco Country showdowns.

Now if they just had some stage lights that some of the performers could kick out..........

Why The Awful Distorted Music?

No earth shaking comment today. Just a question. Why is it that when you call a company for any form of customer service, that they have to subject you to some really bad elevator music that is distorted beyond recognition?

There should be an option. "If you would like to remain on hold, press 1. If you would like to hear some crappy, distorted elevator music please press 2."

O.K. that's all I have to say about that. Oh yeah, Nashville Byline should be complete by March 1st.

New Release Update

My latest release entitled "Nashville Byline" is in the final stages of being mixed. I think many of my older fans will be surprised at the direction that my current songwriting has taken. There will be some elements of my former style upon some of the songs, so the material will not be completely foreign. I will be making comments on the writing process on these songs as they are posted, so stay tuned.

At this time, I would like to thank my family and fans for promoting the "Who Da Baby Daddy?" video. I had a great time creating it and I am glad that so many of you enjoyed it.

Finally, as this year closes out, I hope everybody had a great holiday and will have a Happy New Year.

Yup. it's been awhile.

Been laying low working on tracks for the new cd. "Who Da Baby Daddy?" video is now available for viewing on You Tube at:


Also, I had the good fortune of putting down a few lead guitar tracks for up and coming Nashville based singer/songwriter Annie Kennedy.

I will be making a few limited appearances around Nashville so I will be posting them as they become available.

I hope you enjoy the video and definitely enjoy this holiday season.

The Commodore Bar & Grille and U.S. Law

Oh happy weekend. Just dropping a line to let you know that I will be playing the Commodore Bar & Grille on this Sunday the 19th. And this weekend just happens to be fan appreciation weekend. So, if you are a fan go ahead and get a free download of U.S. Law. If you are not a fan, then become one by clicking the become a ban button on my page. I hope to see you at the Commodore and thank you for your support.