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Facebook Policies Sometimes Seem Very Strange

Just a bit of an observation here. I recently tried to "add friends" of "friends" from my Facebook account and received a notice that I may be trying to spam Facebook users that I don't know.

The actual concept behind my "Friend" requests was to meet more like minded people, (like my "friends" that do listen to my music) and increase my fan while actually conversing with new fans about my music or anything else they would like to talk about. If this constitutes spamming, then I am guilty as charged. :)

I personally hate spamming, especially when it is very repetitive. I would never do that with my entertainment information because I myself personally find it disgusting. Once I have read and absorbed a message, hitting me over the head with it 10,000 times will not make me buy the product. What it will do, is drive me the heck away from ever using, watching or listening to the product.

But let's get back to the censors or guardians of Facebook. Even if, I were spamming my "Friend Requests", don't the users of Facebook have a little button that they can press to ignore said user? (in this case me).

In closing, I think that if Facebook truly wants to promote a network of socializing, then they should not try to control the relationships between consenting individuals. I realize that yes, Facebook is a private company and they can do what they want with it. But why pretend it is this great wide open forum for everybody to meet and converse when they are micro managing all of the content.

Finally, if Facebook wants to control spamming, then quit putting out notices regarding Farmville, Mafia Wars and all the other stupid little online games that probably only appeal to the average fifth grader.

Nashville Dinner Theater Shows

In advance of the March schedule, I will be playing at Randolph's in the Nashville Dinner Theater building as I make an appearance at the Comedy Carousel show. Wow. If that sounds confusing, just go to the historic Printer's Row alley in downtown Nashville. The official address is 209 3rd Street.

The comedy carousel is a musical comedy review hosted by Joby Saad. Seating is limited so be sure to get there early.

"Nashville Byline" is now available on I Tunes!

For those of you that have been writing and asking about "Bodyguard" and "Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun", both of those songs as well as the rest of my latest release "Nashville Byline" are available on I Tunes as well as Napster, Zune, Walmart, MySpace Music, Amazon MP3 as well as many other digital music download sites.

Cafe Coco - Nashville

I had the opportunity to play some of my new material at Coco's coffeehouse in Nashville last night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The coffee was hot and the audience was very attentive. I would highly recommend a visit to the Coco if you are visiting Nashville and would like to seem some local singer/songwriters play their tunes.

"Who Da Baby Daddy" remix rounds out the last of "Nashville Byline"

The entire release is now posted with the addition of a remixed "Who Da Baby Daddy?" For those of you unfamiliar with the song, be sure to view the video that goes along with it. All of the songs will be available for download from the major digital download sites in 4-6 weeks. They will shortly be available for purchase on my Reverb Nation site.

Sometimes I just get fed up with politicians............

Sometimes I just get fed up with unemployment, hot weather and politicians so I write a song like "Tennessee Sun". It doesn't change anything but makes me feel better so I consider it worth the self indulgence.

"The Hand of John" paranormal ghost story song is now up.......

If you ever had a dream, (or more like a nightmare) when you woke up in an actual cold sweat, maybe you can relate to this song. It is based on an event that happened to me years ago while I was living in Chicago. It's pretty much about an old alcoholic that hated himself and everybody else around him as well as his demise. I could never really put my finger on what happened but I will definitely never forget that hot August evening.

Do You Like Gambling? Do You Like Sailing?

If you like gambling and sailing, then this tune is for you! Actually, I posted a new song called "When Your Ship Comes In" and it is a bit of a recollection of one of my cousins.

I wrote this song years ago and it just never made the previous releases until now. It was kind of in back of my head the whole time and I did perform it while I was playing during my early days in Chicago.

My cousin use to regularly go to the casino boat. The thing that struck me as peculiar, is that he had a real ritual before he went. He wouldn't eat breakfast, he had a certain hat he would wear and a host of other things that he felt would bring lady luck to his doorstep. This along with the fact that he always mentioned that one day his "ship would come in", inspired me to write the song.

I hope you enjoy it, and I'll be posting another new tune tomorrow.

No Cheeseburgers in Paradise For Me.......

I've just posted a new tune entitled "Carbohydrate Blues". This tune is dedicated to all of you people out there that have tried to diet and have failed. Miserably.

I envisioned this tune after watching a local news report on the obesity rates in the United States and found out that Tennessee, had a national obesity ranking of No. 4.

That kind of stunned me since I had recently moved here from Chicago. (The sacred land of stuffed pizza and Italian beef. Let us pause for a moment of silence.) So I said to myself, "I guess I moved to the right state! Actually, the politicians are actually discussing putting in more sidewalks so the Nashville residents can actually get out of their house and walk. I can't say as I blame them since it is dangerous to walk on the streets around here. (Believe it or not, Nashville has I higher auto insurance premium than Chicago. I know. My insurance company is charging me more for auto insurance than when I lived in Chi-Town. One resident said that it is due to the fact that Nascar is extremely popular here. This has yet to be substantiated.)

O.k. back to talking about the tune. There are a lot of chain restaurants around here and to their credit, they many of them serve healthy items on their menus and at their buffet tables but rarely do you see much of that on the over flowing plates that glide by your table. It is very hard to maintain a diet with so much temptation and that is the basis for "Carbohydrate Blues" I hope you enjoy the song and please feel free to drop a line and let me know what you think of the tune. So have a good weekend and look out for those fats, sugars and starches!

It's Not Your Momma's Cripple Creek.......

I just posted a new song called "Cripple Creek". No, this is not a remake of the one that the Band did years ago. This song was inspired by a honeymoon visit to Colorado. My wife and I went on a rafting trip in August and the white water at that time of year is next to none. Our raft guide must have sensed our mild state of boredom and suggesting we go to the nearby town of Cripple Creek and take Old Phantom Road. Looking back, I think I would have liked my survival chances in some June white water than on Phantom Road, but at least I got a tune out of it. :)