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Hunkered Down in Da Studio

Hey hey hey,

Latest new is that I have been fairly busy in the studio recording next year's release, however there is a bit of new news.

If you haven't had a chance, check out my latest abnormal paranormal video entitled "The Hand of John" (Just in time for Halloween I guess.)

Also be sure to come out to the Acoustic EN show at Mad Donnas in November. There may also be an appearance at the cancelled Curb Cafe show. Stay tuned for details on that.

The big news is there will be a brand spankin new video and single released in November. It will be a FREE download if you become a fan on my website so look for that and be sure to pass along the music to your Facebook and My Space buddies.

O.k. it's back to recording. Thank you for taking the time to listen.


It has begun.

Over the past couple of months I have accumulated new material and as of tonight, I am beginning to lay down tracks.

I guess the most I can say at this time is that this will be my first theme/concept release and I am extremely excited about it.

I can say it will be a bit of a departure from my 3 previous efforts but I feel that it will have a lot of depth in terms of characters and storytelling.

In closing, be sure to come out to the show on October 14th at the Curb Cafe in Belmont University. Thank you for supporting my music.

Latest Video News - "Tennessee Sun"

I have posted my latest video entitled "Tennessee Sun" It is a bit of a departure from some of the previous videos, but I hope the fans will enjoy it as well as the tune itself.

An October show has been added. The venue is the "Curbside Cafe" located in Belmont University in Nashville. I hope everybody can make it there. This will be one of the few opportunities to see an extended concert featuring the new material as well as some of the older standard tunes that I have performed.

As always, thank you for spreading the word and supporting independent artistry.


Leave it to Your's Truly.......

Leave it to your's truly to playing a showcase on the eve of it's swansong. Nevertheless, I had a good time playing at Ty Bando's songwriter's showcase at Pick's Lounge located in the Best Western motel located on Music Row last night. It seems a shame that here in Nashville, a town overflowing with singer/songwriters, that a place like Pick's has to close. Just as hard to believe is that they could not stay in business being located in the historic music row area.

When you really come down to it, there aren't that many places to play in Music City. Definitely not any that actually pay you. Believe it or not, when I appeared in Chicago there were gigs with pay, even if it was just for tips. I imagine Nashville is a bit like L.A. where performers are happy to just get there face on stage where they can be seen.

Well, all that being said, be sure to check out my latest video "Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun". It is a bit darker topically than some of my previous humor oriented videos. This video may have actually cost me a gig. The proprietor of the establishment said my material was too "heavy" for their venue. Since I don't play "Heavy" metal, I must imagine that she is referring to this latest video. Sorry. The video does cover the topic of suicide. Don't want to ruin anybody's dinner or latte bringing that up. :)

The song isn't about suicide as much as about my grandfather that did commit suicide. I hear many glowing tributes in the Nashville area about singer/songwriters singing about their Grandpas. I wanted to do the same. Sorry, mine committed suicide. I really did not want to write a phony glowing tribute about him. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to stay posted as I will be doing another episode of Gig's N Gab soon.

Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun

Like many Nashville singer/songwriters, I have written a song about one of my grandfathers. Many songwriters do glowing tributes to their grandfathers but I found that rather hard to do.

My grandfather did fancy himself a cowboy even though he was an auto parts distributor. If he was a cowboy I don't think he would have worn the white hat. Then again, he wasn't a bad guy either, so I don't think he would have worn the "outlaw" style of a black hat. I would rather imagine that he would have worn a gray hat.

The video accompanies the song of my latest collection of songs entitled "Nashville Byline" and is called "Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun".

Down But Not Out

This writing finds me gulping antibiotics and resting for the most part. I managed to get a vicious bug that has me hacking for twenty minutes at a time. I also have a wonderful case of strep throat along with a touch of conjunctivitis thrown in for good measure.

As I have been resting, I have begun the process of writing for my next release which will not be out anytime soon. But at least things remain in motion even if it is at a crawl.

I am feeling better though, so expect a new music video from "Nashville Byline" to come out within a week. In closing, thank you for your support and REALLY, stay well! :)

What Up With Like Dat?

Haven't done a rant on the blog in a while, but this seems an opportune time.

What is up with my fellow musicians asking to "Like" them on Facebook. If I have you on my list of friends, I guess that means that I already like you.

I'm figuring that slapping the "Like" button is somewhat of a popularity contest. The way I look at it, is that if you put out some credible music, then you will find fans that actually "Like" you.

And please don't plead or beg for me to "Like" you. It's really unbecoming and makes you look less like an artist and more along the lines of a whiny jellyfish. (Well, if jellyfish did whine then they would look like you.) No, scratch the jellyfish reference, they can actually attack, so their PR image is actually better.

Just put out music, play shows and then see if people actually "Like" you. Or become involved in politics. Politicians actually like to beg for votes and hope that people "Like" them.

O.K. I'm done. Wow, I feel a lot better now. I hope everybody that asked me to "Like" them still likes me. Or at least my music. :)

New Video Coming Out Soon

The latest video to adorn the "Nashville Byline" release will be "Grandpa Dick Loved His Shotgun". It should be out by the end of April if not sooner.

Also I will be a featured artist on Reverb Nation radio around June 9th. It is a way off but keep your ears to the speaker. :)

As of this writing, I am getting ready to appear at the Two Purple Pigs in Manchester Tennessee today. The Pigs is a fairly new venue but has some great music and BBQ.

Two other venues that I played at earlier this month were Steve's Restaurant and the French Quarter Cafe.

I had a great time at both of them. Steve's is located in Nashville Tennessee and has a great menu. From personal experience, I can say that they make an excellent bleu cheese and bacon burger. (Hey, you have to clog those arteries now and then. :)) The sound system was also excellent there.

The French Quarter Cafe has a Mardi Gras decorum and makes an excellent Muffelleta sandwich. Only order half of one. You would have to be really really hungry to order an entire sandwich.

Well, this entry turned out to be more about food than music. That probably means I'm hungry so I am off to find some breakfast.

In closing, be sure to check out the "Gigs N Gab videos as they come out. In addition to this blog and website, the videos contain upcoming show information as well as song creation insights and performances.

Thank you for your continued support.

April Shows

In a nutshell, I have a lot of appearances in April. Be sure to check the show schedule and come to one in your neck 'o the woods. I'll be performing at Steve's AcousticEN in Nashville, Levi and Hanks Bar & Grill in Hermitage, The French Quarter in Nashville and just recently added, The Two Purple Pigs in Manchester. This last venue I did visit last Friday and I can attest that they have some of the best BBQ going on. It is well worth the drive and they also feature excellent musical entertainment as well.

Also I just posted a new episode of Gigs N Gab. Due to time constraints, I am featuring a video of one of my latest songs "Deja Snooze" which is off of my release "Nashville Byline". I hope you enjoy it. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the song and the episode. Thank you for your support as we head into the spring music season.

Upcoming shows and Cafe Coco

I've just posted a few videos from the Cafe Coco show on St. Patty's day and hope you all have enjoyed them.

If you couldn't make the Cafe Coco show I have some more coming in the end of March and into April.

These would be at AcousticEN, The Listening Room, Levi and Hanks Bar & Grill, Ty's Songwriter Night at Pick's and Debi Champion's Writer's Night. Please see my show listings for times and locations.

I'll also be posting a new episode of Gig's N Gab in the near future so be on the lookout for that.

Finally thanks to everybody that showed up to the Cafe Coco show and to musical director Cody Joe Bottoms for inviting me to the showcase. Also, thanks to everybody that has become a fan on my Reverb Nation site. Within less than a month I have moved up from the 91st slot in alternative/folk music in Nashville to the 41st position as of today and I could not have done it without your continued support.