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September Appearance at the Commodore Grille

Heading into the fall season finds me in the studio, recording tracks for my third release which is still untitled.

In regards to the songs featured on the forthcoming album, I have a little preview entitled "Who Da Baby Daddy?". It is available as a free download by becoming a fan on my Reverb Nation page. To sum up the tune in a nutshell, if you love the Maury show, your gonna love this song. If you hate the Maury show, your still gonna love this song.

As for live appearances, I will be doing Debi Champion's songwriter's showcase night at the Commodore Grille on West Emd Ave. in downtown Nashville. So be sure to make a note of it.

I will also be making some of my older material available for download in the near future, so be sure to stop by the site now and then.

As always, thank you for your support.

Appearance with J.R. Jones Band

I'll be appearing with the J.R. Jones Band at the Hotel Indigo tomorrow night. The Hotel Indigo is located in downtown Nashville.

There must be someting in the air or water in Middle Tennessee

For the second week in a row, I had a gig canceled. Apparently, the festival that I was scheduled to appear at did not have a proper permit. (A.K.A make sure the politicians get their cut) It would seem that in hard economic times such as this, that local city government would cut the citizens of the community some slack. Not so in Smyrna TN. It was a pity to watch all of the visual artists that had set up their pieces of work, have to take it down an hour after the festival opened. I guess that I was fortunate in the fact that I didn't even have my equipment out of my truck before the event was shut down.

"Who Da Baby Daddy" is now available in streaming mode

That's right you can get a sneak preview of my latest effort by becoming a fan. It costs nothing so have a listen. I will be previewing the song live at the Starving Artist concert in Smyrna TN. I'll be sending out the address in a couple of days.

The Starving Artist Festival

I am looking forward to playing the Starving Artist Festival on the 21st of August. It looks like a promising event with a lot of talented visual as well as musical artists.

The Grinds Show.

Enjoyed playing at Grinds Coffeehouse last night. It was quite the occasion when the cashier Tony started in impromptu belly dance which some of the patrons compared to having seen someone subdued with a taser gun.

Yours Truly did his thing with performances of Teacher Teacher, When Are You Coming Around, Vanity on Parade, U.S. Law, What Kind of Man? and Crossed the Line.

Stay tuned for future concert updates as they arrive. And as always, thank you for your support.


Grinds Coffeehouse in Murfreesboro

If you are looking for an open mic to polish up your act or try out some new tunes, be sure to visit Grinds Coffeeshouse in Murfreesboro TN. It is a very relaxed and casual atmosphere and serves some great coffee.

Sign up starts at 8:00 p.m. and performances start at 9:00 p.m. Ask for Mark when you get there and he'll get you signed up.

The Grind is located at 132 St. Andrews Drive Suite G in Murfressboro.

Nashville Songfest '10

I recently played at the 2010 Nashville Songwriter's festival. In addition to backing up John Raleigh Jones, I had the opportunity to play my own songs at some of the open mics at the festival.

The temperature was fairly intense during the afternoon so I believe a lot of folks stayed in the air conditioned venues. That being the case, I was surprised of the lack of attendance by the general public. For the most part, it was songwriters playing their tunes for other songwriters. I'm not sure if was a lack of promotion or what. I always read in the newspapers about how the Nashville community loves to support and promote their own artists, so I am sure that it was just a matter of a lack of advertisement.

Otherwise, I had a great time playing on the festival grounds at the open mic stage and also at Pick's lounge in the Best Western Lounge.