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To All In The Mutual Admiration Society

Greetings to all my fellow writers and performers here at ReverbNation. I would like to take this moment to thank you for becoming a fan of my music and hopefully and pretty much assuredly, I have become a fan of your music also.

While I do appreciate the fan count going up, I do notice that while we all do a lot of patting on the back, very few of you (at times, myself is included) have become fans of another artist music while not really getting into any specifics about why you like the artist that you have "Liked" or "Fanned".

It is with this in mind, that I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging my fans, to say why they like my music, or even why they don't like my music. I will do the same for you in the most courteous and constructive of ways.

What this means, is that you will have to come up with better explanations than "Your Song Rocks" or the ever popular "Your Song Sucks". (Those of you that may have taken any visual art classes and have gone through the dreaded "critique" sessions will immediately know what I am referring to.)

That being said, let the games begin.

Rock on.


Thoughts on The Last Concert Dates


July, has been as busy month for shows and sometimes no shows at all. (More on that in a moment)

The first show at Heine Brothers cafe in Louisville KY was interesting, due to the fact that I was to appear outside on the patio. That was until the thunderstorm rolled in. Upon learning of the impending storm, I questioned the staff in regard to performing and they said that indoor performances were not allowed. I will admit that this perturbed me ever so slightly, since I had made the trek from Nashville TN to appear at their venue. After placing a phone call to my booking contact, he then informed the cashier to allow me to perform inside. This was interesting because there was no p.a. available. Nevertheless, yours truly went old school and turned up the volume on his wind pipes. The crowd seemed to appreciate my bellowing with the exception of the patrons that were intent on listening to the headphones that were plugged into their laptops. ( I assure my questionable readers, that they already had their headphones on before my performance. (G) ) A show such as this one really makes this modern performer appreciate the folk and blues singers that have had to perform during much of their careers, without the benefits of modern amplification.

Upon my arrival in Chicago, I took the opportunity to head out to an open mic in Naperville IL called Miss Kitty's Saloon and found some very talented entertainers performing there. The crowd was very receptive and the venue had a working p.a., which was a plus.

Then Tuesday happened. Upon arrival at the SoPo lounge in Chicago IL. I found the site of my showcase concert locked, with the lights off. At about that time, some of my relatives in Chicago arrived at the lounge to see my show and wanted to know what had happened? As I was blubbering about possible explanations, the booking agent for the club and informed me of a power outage which had forced the club to close for the evening. He then proceeded to apologize profusely for the lack of communication. Oh well, that happens. Since none of the other businesses on the block had endured a power outage, I found solace in a few beers and some games of billiards with my relatives. So much for the showcase.

Finally, I had the opportunity to perform a 3 hour concert at Joey G's in Madison IN. This was a wonderful venue with an excellent pa system. The staff from the sound engineer to the waitress and bartender were very attentive and despite a low crowd turnout, turned out to be a great evening. The restaurant/club is a bit off of the beaten path but is worth playing if you are in the area. (By the way, the bbq prime rib sandwich is awesome). I drove four hours from Nashville to play there and drove four hours back the same night and as tired as I was the next day, I felt good about the show. I filmed much of the concert and will be posting bits of it in the near future, so be on the lookout.

That's about it for now. Oh yeah, by the way, my latest release "My Work Pages" is now available for download on I Tunes, so be sure to download your favorite 99 cent tune. You can find it here:


Be sure to review and rate it while you are there. Also toss me a "like" on Facebook if you haven't, and as always, thank you for your support.


Tennessee, Kentucky and Chicago then Indiana!

The world tour is begins at the end of this week. (G). Live performances of "My Work Pages" begins this July in Christiana TN, Louisville KY, Chicago IL and Madison IN.

What does that mean? Well, if you are a fan, be sure to attend one of the shows! I am excited about performing the new material live. It will sound a bit different than the tracks on the site since I will be performing solo, but I think I have made the "unplugged" versions dynamically interesting.

The Madison IN show at Joey G's will not be a concert, as much as a marathon of a 3 hour performance, but if you have been craving some of the older material from previous releases, than this concert is for you.

Please visit the site and become a fan, if you have not by now and give me a "like" on Facebook. This helps tremendously in terms of getting future shows.

Finally, "My Work Pages" is available on I Tunes as well as 24-7 7 Digital Amazon MP3 Aspiro Deezer eMusic Google Play Guvera iTunes (US,Aus/NZ,Canada,UK/Europe,Japan,Mexico) La Curacao Media Markt Medianet MOG Myspace Music Myxer Nielson Soundscan Nokia Play.com playlist.com Puretracks Rdio Rhapsody Simfy Spotify Synacor Tesco (UK) Thumbplay OTA Virgin Mega Virgin Mobile Canada Zune (Musiwave)

As always, thank you for your support and for taking the time to listen to my music.


Another 8 weeks and it's over!

The release is done and will be available on I Tunes, Amazon Mp3, Zune, Walmart, Spotify, Napster and many other online music retailers in about 8 weeks. So this is your chance to get your copy for free by becoming a fan today! Merely go to http://www.mbuerschaper.com hit the "become a fan" button and start downloading. It's as easy as that! (Kind of sounds like a 2:00 a.m. infomercial, doesn't it?) And as always, thank you for your support.


"My Work Pages" now available for free download.

For a limited time, my latest release "My Work Pages" is available for free download. If you are a fan, go ahead and download at will. If you are not a fan, become one by clicking the "become a fan" button and you will have access to my latest collection of songs as well as some of the earlier tunes. Please stop by Facebook and give a shout and or like and I will see you at the shows. Thank you for your continued support.

News for the month of hearts.

The big news this month, is that I will be doing a couple of shows right in the heart of "Music City U.S.A."

The first is at Belcourt Tap and Tapas which will be on Saturday February 18th. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. For all of you that have said that you could not make the weekday shows because of the late times and having to work the next day, this is your chance. :)

The second show this month is at the historic Commodore Grill, located in the West End Holiday Inn. This show is on the 24th of February at 8:-00 p.m. I will be playing with Michael Sessoms, whom is a talented Americana style songwriter.

Also in the immediate future is the first installment of "Gigs "N Gab" for 2012. I will be featuring one of my latest songs from "Nashville Byline" in the video that was recently performed at the legendary Cafe Coco.

Finally, work on my latest release is moving along at the pace of an I - 24 traffic jam, but I am making progress and have a projected release date of April.

So in closing, thanks to my fans for their support and I look forward to seeing you at a show.


"Of Curbs and Madness"

The concert film "Of Curbs and Madness" premiers this weekend, so get out and by your popcorn. The main reason is that it will be premiering on You Tube instead of your local theater.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the Mark Buerschaper concert experience from your home or office without having to pay those high priced theater prices.

The original working title was "Two Nights in November" but that was shelved due to the similarities to sounding like a vintage porno movie.

The footage was shot in Nashville's very own Curbside Cafe at Belmont University and also the Acoustic EN showcase at Mad Donna's also located in Nashville.

The movie also features some candid interviews as well as music from Mark's latest release "Nashville Byline".

So get your favorite candy and a greasy bag of popcorn and check out "Of Curbs and Madness".

Two Nights in November Concert Film

I will be releasing a concert film called "Two Nights in November" this January. The film will feature some of my new and classic material.

The performances were filmed at the Curbside Cafe and Mad Donna's both of which are located in Nashville.

In addition to the songs, there will be interviews with fans, prospective fans and people that have never remotely been a fan.

Look for the release date to be about middle January.

Ahead of my time. (Kind Of)

As of this posting, I hope you are all enjoying "Don't You Know It's Christmas Time Again". It is a free download and a special thank you for the support that I have received from my fans during this year's release of Nashville Byline.

For some strange reason I have always considered the Christmas holidays as the end of the year. So I would like to thank everybody that has not only supported my music but also the songwriters and venues that have invited me to appear and play at their venues.

So what's in the future? Well, expect a live concert movie coming up in January as well as continued episodes of the songwriting workshop of sorts which is entitled "Gigs N Gab".

Also in the works is my next release due out in early spring. The release is going to be a concept album of sorts and I am simply ecstatic about performing this material in a live setting.

In closing, I wish everybody the happiest of holidays and look forward to bringing you my new compositions next year.

Don't You Know It's Christmas Time Again?

Well, don't you? Actually that's the title of my latest release and it comes out just in time for, well, Thanksgiving. The song is a bit of a warped view of the TRUE meaning of the holidays and I hope you enjoy it.

In addition, a video for the song is due out within the next two weeks and you will not want to miss that.

I am taking a bit of a pre-holiday break from recording my next release however the instrumental backing for two of the songs are pretty much complete.

As far as live appearances are concerned, I am playing this coming Tuesday the 8th at The Curb Cafe at Belmont University. (This is the rescheduled show from last month's cancellation) and also at the Acoustic EN Showcase at Mad Donna's on Friday the 11th. I hope you can make both shows if possible. If not, then just make one. :)

Finally for the fans of the ongoing "Gigs N Gab Series, look for another episode around the end of November.

In closing, I am no. 19 on the Nashville chart for alternative artists in the Nashville area, so thank you for your support.