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What's up in our world!!

Something new, sometimes good, sometimes not so good..none the less the SOS brotherhood is alive and well. New record label taking care of us, new tunes heavy and melodic, dying to get in the studio and share our lives with you through our music. Thank you to all our friends, family and fans (all synonomus to us). Hope you are enjoying the last CD, and relax while you can because the next CD is going to be like getting to close to the sun, it will burn your face off!!! LOL!!! much respect, "The Don"


Our CD "The Next Day of the Rest of Your Life" will be out and available soon!!!! Listen to the clips.

new demo stuff

Well we are still pluggin along to finish some stuff up. I apologize that everything is taking so long...but all the bubbas in the band are really busy, and none of us want to put out songs just for the sake of putting something out...we really want to put out stuff that we are really happy with all aspects of it musically, lyrically, production wise...i really think if we stay focused on those areas and keep that mind set....you all will hear and feel a difference!!! Again...thank you all for staying posted and having patience with us!! v/r S.o.S "the don"

The Plan

Just like everyone else we are busy folks. We'd like to be able to go into the studio smash out an entire album and have it out for everyone to listen to. Well then we have to step back into the real world....so we've come up with a plan. We'll post demo's of the tunes as they're in the works...as we finish them we'll put the final product up for you to smash your face to....LOL!! It'll take time...but hopefully we keep it up enough to always have something for you to come back to and hear through out the process until the "album" is complete. Anyway...

V/R S.o.S "the don"