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We love our Med Heads and hope you get a chance to see us in a town near you. Medicine Road is medicine for your heart, medicine for you soul, and most of all, medicine for your head. Love you Med Heads. We're in Oakland at the Stork Club on August 28, 2016. Hope to see some North Bay Med Heads there! Peace


Lovefest 2016 is close, matter of fact it is about 10 daze from now, which is the new tomorrow. Or, if there ever is a rift in the Time Space Continuum, could already be yesterday. No matter, 3/12/16 is the day to remember. Medicine Road's first show of the year, playing side by side with two other great bands for whom we've shared the stage for many shows, Corduroy Jim and Grampa's Chili. All three bands will be churning out all of there different blends of choice original music. Collectively all three bands have played over a thousand shows, so you know what that means? If you know then tell me cause I either didn't know or I forgat. Naaw, just kiddin, it means that if you do anything for a thousand times, you are proficient, which is long hand for PRO! Yup, I would not kid you no sir reeee! So if you can make it, you will witness time coming back around, change in the wind, and much fun, dancing, friends, and you will feel first hand the healing power of music, as it flows out to the Earth Mother and all the living spirits and souls amongst her. I've always been a believer in thanking the beings and things that have influenced my spirit in my music, i.e. John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney(and Ringo), Hendrix, Floyd, Zep, Jon Ian, Ry Cooder, John Lee Hooker, Dave Mason, Leon Russell, David Laflamme, Santana, and many more, like Iron Butterfly, Spirit, Spooky Tooth, Quicksilver, Stones, Deep Purple, and on... So thank you to my Med Head friends, for with out your spirit involvement in this Spiritual Movement of music, I send love out to you from the depths of my soul, spirit and heart. Hope to see as many of you that can make it to the show. Peace

Medicine Road live at LOVEFEST 2016 in Felton, Ca.

Hi Med Heads, we have our first show of the year, and its gonna be big! Medicine Road will open it up, followed by Corduroy Jim, and ending with Grampa's Chili. All three bands are brothers from way back. This will be a great show for our fans, friends, and relatives. We are going to pump the house with rhythm and blues, and beyond! Medicine Road will pour out the love to our faithful Med Heads and new Med Heads, and I promise, the other bands will make this a show to remember. The psychedelic colors will fill the air. We will see you there. Peace, Love, and Music....

End of the Year Celebration

We'd love to see you Friday at Joes Bar in Boulder Creek. This is our last show of the year. This will be a relaxed Medicinal Jam. Come in, its a cozy little bar off of CA-9. Peace

The Best Band In Boulder Creek

I was told once after a concert in Boulder Creek, that we were the best band in Boulder Creek by a good friend who heard us for the first time. I not only agreed with him, but took it a step farther by shameless admitting that I thought Medicine Road was the best band in the world. That could be a one sided opinion since I'm not only a fan, but I'm in the band.... hehehhh Peace, Love, and Music MedHeads!!!

The Trout Farm

Hey Med Heads, Medicine Road will be at the Trout Farm on 5/29/15 with an opening guest appearance of Taylor Rae. This will be a warm up for our show the week after on 6/6/15, more info on that to come. For now, we are going to make the Trout Farm a fun filled night of Psychedelic antics. We will play everything we know and then some. Hope to see you there. Peace, Love, and Muisic

Hey Med Heads!

Medicine Road(Med Road for short) is going to come back again. We have not played a show since November. I have a small project I call Wildhorse, which we played a couple of small parties, and it went over very well. As a matter of fact, be looking for Wildhorse, its more of a trance psychedelic tribal house sound. Yeah! Back to Med Road, we are starting to fill our roster. If you would like us to come and rock your house, club, festival, let us know now. We dig doing small venues, because its up close and personal. I like seeing our peeps eye to eye. The connection brings the circle together. We'd love that opportunity for you to take your turn and come and dance with us. If you have seen us you know what we are about, and if you haven't, but heard our music on Reverbnation, or FB, & Youtube, well, you might see it there, but we are basically all over the map. We play every style of music(sorry, no rap), and we don't apologize to anyone for that. As a matter of fact, we love every single song we do. How could a band play music just for someone else and not themselves. Its the same as how can someone love you if you don't love yourself? Am I right? Yup, you know it. Thats the attitude we have, we love our music, therefore, we are putting out love in the most peaceful, and loving way. From our hearts. Thats the medicine. The medicine is the music, which heals the soul, nurtures the bodies need to move in a positive flow, and stimulates the brain to think about the positive change needed to heal ourselves and our planet. We are all one on this planet. When viewing the earth from a distance, we look like ants with our ant hills, living close to each other to advance our ability to survive. Every living thing on this planet is sacred. Every living thing is exactly that, living. If you value life as a huge thing, then all things fall under that huge thing, ALIVE. We will start publicizing our gigs as they come up. Thats the other beauty of our group, we also bring you visuals through graphic art posters. We will start making our poster available on line to buy at very affordable prices. We are small peanuts, but we have huge hearts, and want to spread the love. We are coming into the new year with new ideas, new songs, new hopes, and new friends and good friends. We are Medicine Road, and we……… love you!

Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross  (about 2 years ago)

Music IS my medicine. And I NEED my prescription REFILLED !!!!!!!!! So let me know when you are dispensing again !!!!!!!!!!! The Christian Hindu Buddhist Muslim Jew

Workin on some good but badass music!

Last rehearsal day, we took time to listen to a few recordings we're still in the midst of deciding, hemhawing, and arranging. Tom McQuillen our lead guitarist commented:"This is why I play music, so I can listen to music I like." I couldn't agree more. We have been working like warriors to get the songs I have written down. I mean that in every which way. I believe we have top class musicians in this band. We are ready to rock. Now I(we) want to get the best sounding recording that conveys what we hear and what you hear when we're playing live! That's because, when we play live we are all a unit. I'm including you our audience, you, the ones reading this blog. You are the ones we care about. We love what we do, my wish, is that we can do this for a living, and survive! Yeah I know we have no cd's out yet. We're working on that. Unfortunately for us, it takes time, but time is relevant. Time is infinite. That being said. We appreciate every single one of you. Stay with us, we're not going anywhere. Nothing can stop my groove. Our songs have messages in them, some of healing, some of awareness, but all are as fun as they are important. I've always believed that if we can get people whistling or humming our tunes, we started the process of healing the earth, people, and making life a little better. Isn't that what music's supposed to do? Thats why we don't have just one genre. On these social sites, they seem to be short sited. Just punnin around, but its true, there is one genre to describe us, we are jazz, we are rock, we are hard rock, we are psychedelic, we are jam, we are pop, we are funk, we are all over the map. In closing, if you read all of this, We of Medicine Road love and thank you. Peace, Love, and Music

Henflings Show on 3/2/13

I would like to thank everyone who came out to support us, and those of you who became new fans. You were an absolute delight to perform for. We are still booking for the year so stay tuned. Thanks again. Peace