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We Are Beta / Blog

October 4, 2010

Hello everybody. Since the last time we talked there has been a lot of changes, but somethings stay the same. The last time we talked was during our jam session that had some amazing moments. We have moved on to some new heights. At the moment we are working on getting our demo out to the masses. The demo was done around August 15, 2010. It took forever to get the packaging together. That was the hardest thing to put together, but well worth it. The music has a nice shimmer that only a hand-drawn picture could deliver.

That leads to another point, that there is now a website that is currently under development. The page is moving by a gracious friend, William Mason (If you need a good web designer I would choose him). He drew the picture and is going to be developing the page with the same characters in different positions and have more news and access to yours truly.

Thirdly, we have been working towards getting a couple of gigs. As of the moment we do not have anything solid. There is talk of getting some house parties or some one night gigs out in knoxville. But unfortunately, there is no news to report. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be something new in the next few days.

Fourth, as you may have noticed over the last few weeks, there have been some new songs that have been posted on this forum. Yeah we are working on some new things, this means that we are working towards getting an album out. We have been courting a professional studio. The plan at the moment is to keep writing and posting how things have been going on with working on songs here on Reverb, and then there will be an album recorded by the end of December. That means that we are going to have something new for everybody. The songs that we have are taking shape and all have a unique life of their own. The big song that we have the closest to completion is Sabba Abba, followed by Tri-tone Color. I posted and kept a few jams up from the past couple of times. There are some others. We are looking at roughly around 15 songs that would be completed by that time. The plan at the moment is to play these til around Thanksgiving, then go to Jeff's again to have a jam with the studio he has and see how things shake out.

Lastly, This point is only good for things that are up this week. I didn't have a voice, I had an alergy attack that took my voice. Listen to the musical direction that is coming around and take in the music. The best has to be the Epataph Song!


July 29, 2010

Hello all out there in internet land. Today is the first time that I have had a chance to put up recordings and take down old ones. It has been a crazy past two weeks for Beta. The Bonfire went over amazing, even though there was only about 15 people, I think that everyone of them became a fan last night (even a surprising one).The night went off with a few hitches that have already been fixed. The recordings of the fire are decent, the audience of nature was there,and they enjoyed it, as you can hear that there are thousands of bugs that are there. The zoom only captured about a third of the night. I think that was my error having so much to do,and not taking the time to check. Ask anybody that was there, they can testify to the power of Beta.

Then, last Thursday, we met and discussed the future and shows and demos. The unanimous decision was to try to have another show before the beginning of the college school year. This means that Beta is coming to an Anderson County near Tennessee (or anywhere else that would have us). We also decided that we are going to record the demo within the next two weeks, so another thing for fans to look forward to. Pictures of the fire and new pictures are coming soon.

Finally this past Saturday, The Jam, was epic. Feeling pretty good about our music after the sweeping reviews of the show, and with a new set of stands for everybody to have a microphone, the jam was epically awesome. The jam, if anybody wants a copy let us know, because there are moments of improvisation awesomeness. The Mexico and Walruses captures the new microphone's glory.The highlights are that all of the group is singing together in a blaze of musically harmoniously cacophonated glory. The jams that are posted are New Day and that is the only one that has been up here before. The Ballad of Benji is a long narrative that we wrote out about four years ago, but have yet to play on. The music is up, lyrics are forthcoming. Lets just say, that where ever you are Benji, I hope peace finds you.

This Saturday is another jam scheduled. Post things soon.

We Are Beta

June 29, 2010

So lst week was a miss fire on getting together, just too much scheduling hassles. But that is ok, because on Monday and Tuesday of this week we came back with full force. We added two new jams to the song lists, created one that has been posted from the otherday straight jam. And then went over like an entire set list of covers. It was a very productive past two days. Hope all out in internet land enjoy this. The new jam is posted, Nebuchadnezzar, which turned out ballin by the way. And the As yet to be titled song, which has a very nostolgia Pink Floyd feel to it! Also, keep on the look out, the up coming weeks are going to be interesting, we are looking for a place to shoot a video of us playing, that means also for everybody to come out and enjoy hearing us. More info when we know it. We Are Beta

June 17, 2010

Today was a day that we went over some new things, lyrics are starting to be important to get moving. We added the first successful cover to our repetory, "The Pusher" by Stepenwolf. Good grove and good jam today. Overall teh highlights were What dreams may tell, the Na Na Na Song, and The As Yet to Be titled.... We Are Beta

The begining (The adventure of the Jam)

Our goal is simple, to offer our music to people as we are creating it, to show our ideas in something of a realtime motion. Over the next few weeks, or possibly months, we are going to be relaseing on this website, demos of our ideas to the public for free. These are streaming only, and we are looking for feedback on each idea. We are going to take three jams from that weeks practice, and post them, so people can see the evolution of the songs as they are created. There is going to be one hold over from the previous week, as well. That said, this is the first one of these, the jam is from June 10, 2010. The two songs are the Na Na Na Song (definatively titled) and The New Day Song. Both of these change everytime we play them, so check them out and see what you think. If you have any comments, please send them forward. Thank you for your time. We are Beta.