If you were a King or a Queen would you doubt the power of your words? I'll answer that for you with a quick NO! Kings and Queens know without a shadow of a doubt that there words hold weight, authority, and meaning! You are a child of God! The kid of a KING! You need to walk with your head high in faith that you can have what you SAY! Remember my friends, the devil has no power over you other that what you give to him! Accept and BELIEVE that the power of God is with you, the power of God is for you, the power of God is in you, and the power of God is working through you! BELIEVE LIKE A KING!

Love you, Twins Nell and Nique


All the solutions to your problems are within your choice to BELIEVE and "DO". The solutions are within in you, literally waiting to be loosed to your bidding! The power of God is with you, the power of God is for you, the power of God is in you, and the power of God is working through you! Choose today to BELIEVE and "DO" by FAITH and I guarantee you that you WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS!!!



There is great POWER that lives inside of you!!! Will you BELIEVE it?? Will you BELIEVE that GOD is for you, with you, in you, and working through you!? Would you BELIEVE it??? Choose this day to BELIEVE and STAND on the WORD!!!

So shall my WORD be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

When God says Go...GO!

Have you ever heard, "God does not call the qualified, he qualifies those who he calls"? This is sooooo true!!! God has chosen you for great things! He knew you before you even entered into your mother's womb and he has an awesome plan for your life! No matter what the haters say, no matter what the doubters say, no matter what the devil whispers in your ear! Do not believe defeat! God does not know defeat, neither shall you! Do not except defeat! I repeat, DO NOT except defeat! In Christ there is no such thing as defeat! When God calls you, he calls you for GREATNESS, he calls you for PROSPERITY, he calls your for POWER, he calls you for PEACE, he calls your for LOVE!!!!! HALELUJAHHHH!!!!!!! Be encouraged right now in JESUS name to GO! GO! GO!!!!!!!!! What is your dream? WRITE IT DOWN! SPEAK IT OUT! AND PLAN TO GO GET IT!!!!!!!!! Because when God says Go, trust and believe he has prepared VICTORY for you ahead, IF you only believe and walk by faith! Believe and trust in the WORD!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOUR SUPER POWER!!!! POWER UP!

LOVE YOU! Twins Nell and Nique


Success lies on the extra mile. If we truly desire to be successful we will go beyond average and do above average. We must maintain a winning attitude at all times regardless of the circumstances or challenges. We must accept the daily challenges we are dealt with courage and boldness, trusting in God's strength and not our own. God alone has the power to do the impossible and he will use YOU to do the impossible when you choose to GO THE EXTRA MILE! Keep sowing seeds and expecting God's favor! MY GOD GOT SUPER POWER!!!!!!!!!!! GO THE EXTRA MILE BABYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!


It takes your tongue being used to speak words of health and life instead of words of woe and disaster. This means your tongue has to be tamed so that a confession in line with God's Word becomes the norm in your life. See James 3:10 - 12.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21


Jesus said, "Whoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God" (Luke 12:8, KJV). Jesus declares to the angels what we declare!!!!!! USE YOUR SUPERPOWER!


Many times we allow OUR short comings, fears, doubts, low-self esteem, faults, sins, and imperfections keep us back from receiving what God has for us. We need to realize and understand that God could care less about your faults. HE IS GOD. He knows you are not perfect. That's why he sent JESUS! We must understand with great simplicity that God's plan of salvation is very simple. BELIEVE ON JESUS! The scripture (John 10:9) says, For God so LOVED the world (YOU) that he sent his only son (JESUS), and WHOSOEVER believes in him shall not parish, but have eternal life! We want to encourage you to stop looking at your own imperfections and accept, realize, and embrace the awesome, incredible perfection of JESUS who makes you perfect! The bible holds the keys to your joy and fulfillment. Read it for yourself and let the TRUTH set you FREE. GLLLOOOORRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!


You are The Christ, my Holy Father, my Tender God, my Great King, my Good Shepherd, my Only Master, my Best Helper, my Most Beautiful and my Beloved, my Living Bread, my Priest Forever, my Leader to my Country, my True Light, my Holy Sweetness, my Straight Way, my Excellent Wisdom, my Pure Simplicity, my Peaceful Harmony, my Entire Protection, my Good Portion, my Everlasting Salvation...MY SUPER POWER"! GLLOOORRRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!


Every action that you take towards your goal is a positive and powerful move. We call this a #POWERMOVE.

Any action that you take in faith towards your vision is a #POWERMOVE.

The power to do great things is in each and every single human being on this planet. Choose to believe in your vision and your dream! You can be successful. Matter of fact, you deserve to be successful!

You have a vision and you have a plan, which means you have a purpose inside of you and that purpose is very important. So important that GOD himself will make sure you have everything you need to successfully achieve your purpose with his help.

Today listen to "MATTER OF TIME" on our page, like it, and share it.

One day at a time, one step at a time, one hour at a time, one action at a time. This is your time! Choose to be bold and make #POWERMOVES!

Love ya, Twins Nell and Nique @2weetDaTwins