God has given you the authority and power to create your own avenues of revenue in your life and help others do the same. This ability is a gift, given from God through Jesus Christ who is the the definition and standard of true prosperity, success, and wealth! Within the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ are countless scriptures that literally illustrate God's earnest desire for you to PROSPER, BE IN HEALTH, EVEN AS YOUR SOUL PROSPERS. (3 John 1:2). Let us be bold and courageous and take God at his Word! Remember, without FAITH it is impossible to please God. Be confident in who you are in Christ. POWER UP and change your world to the Glory of God!

Love you, The Super Power Music Group


The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. It is this confidence, found in Psalms 23:1 that can and will literally change your life for the better if you let it! Christ is living all through the Word of God. It is truly amazing what happens when you purpose some time, in peace and quite to read your bible and pray and expect God to speak to you, your situation, or circumstance by His Word! I declare to you that He will do it EVERY TIME! You cannot lose when God is on your side and the only way to CONFIDENTLY BELIEVE he is on your side is by reading your BIBLE aka The Word of Fatih aka God's Promises aka God's Word. It's simple, Jesus loves us and He desires nothing but the BEST for us! He is soooooooo good! Let' rejoice daily in his unmatching GRACE that allows us to have GOD CONFIDENCE!

The Super Power Music Group Twins Nell x Nique


It was the undeniable love and goodness of our heavenly Father that has redeemed, delivered, and restored our souls! This love and goodness is never ending and abundant! It is readily available at all times and God's desire and pleasure is that every soul will experience and accept the gift of his love and his goodness through a relationship with Jesus Christ, His Living Word!

If you have experienced God's love and goodness in your life that has delivered your soul from darkness and death, giving you life, hope and joy, then it should be your joyous pleasure and excitement to share your story with others of what God's love and goodness has done for your life and is still doing in your life!!!


Love you! The Super Power Music group


The Super Power Music Group, Twins Nell and Nique make HISTORY by teaming up with The United States Space Foundation to present and perform their song "One Nation" at the Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening of the NASA Conquering LEO Exhibit!

For more details visit: http://bit.ly/17ZzHNq


God has commissioned us with life to do the greater things that Jesus mentioned in (John 14:12) when he said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father." God has also granted us eternal life so that after our work on earth is finished we will receive the eternal rewards Jesus also promised in (Revelations 22:12) when he said, "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." How great and awesome is it to confidently know and understand that God has a greater purpose and plan for your life!!! Be excited about your life and where your faith and relationship with Christ is taking you! Remember, EVERYTHING you do for the Glory of God will last forever!!! Use your gifts, talents, abilities, and integrity, to be a blessing in this earth and cause people's lives to become richer in all areas, mentally, physically, and financially!!!!! THIS IS BIGGER BUSINESS!!!



When circumstances arise do not dare put your tail between your legs. Do not cower, do not allow fear to overtake you. Do not allow worry and anxiety to vex you. Stand up and know who is on your side!!! Stand up and refuse to focus on your powerless circumstances, instead choose to FOCUS ON THE POWER OF YOUR GOD!!!! Get the WORD OF GOD in your spirit and soul and allow the WORD OF GOD to get victory for you all day every day!!! "DO NOT FEAR, FOR THOSE WHO ARE WITH US ARE MORE THAN THOSE WHO ARE WITH THEM"...(2 KINGS 6:16). "IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US"...(ROMANS 8:31). "BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS, DO NOT BE AFRAID NOR DISMAYED...FOR THERE ARE MORE WITH US THAN WITH HIM"...(2 CHRONICLES 32:7). "WITH HIM (ENEMY) IS AN ARM OF FLESH, BUT WITH US IS THE LORD OUR GOD, TO HELP US AND TO FIGHT OUR BATTLES"...(2 CHRONICLES 32:8). MY GOD GOT SUPER POWER for real! Read, Speak, Believe, and Stand on HIS WORD and you will WIN EVERY DAY ALL DAY!


Friends, Nothing can stop you. God's POWER is with you. God's POWER is for you. God's POWER is in you. God's POWER is working through you! There is nothing that can stop you from reaching your dreams! There is nothing that can stop you for achieving your vision! Make up your mind and put action with your faith! Be inspired through the songs on The Super Power Music web page! Create your own songs! God is looking for decision makers! Make up your mind to be GREAT!


It is an awesome thing to know that IF GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE, NOTHING and NO ONE can successfully be against you. It is this type of partnership and faith that you will need to successfully reach your goals. JESUS said he will never leave you or forsake you. Trust his word! This POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP will take you to the top and open doors that no man can close! GLOORRRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Love you, Twins Nell and Nique


Many of us say we believe in our dreams, but unless you truly possess and develop confidence in yourself, your belief will not stand. You must have confidence in yourself! We must have confidence in our purpose!! Everyday you must wake up and practice speaking LIFE INTO YOUR LIFE!!! God is with you and you must be confident in this FACT!!! Your confidence is the key to achieving your dreams! Your confidence is key to your faith! Your confidence is key to your FREEDOM!!!! Choose today to BELIEVE WITH CONFIDENCE! Knowing that the power of God is with you, the power of God is for you, the power of God is in you, and the power of God is working through you!! BE CONFIDENT!!

#SUPERPOWER Love you, Twins Nell and Nique


Everyday we all face challenges, but it is the personal attitude towards your challenges that determines your life. If God is for you, who can be against you!?! Choose to not focus on your challenges, but FOCUS on the POWER that is with you, for you, in you, and working through you to give you personal VICTORY EVERY TIME!!!! Face your challenges with assurance and FAITH that you can't be stopped! With God you are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Love you, Twins Nell and Nique