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05-27-12 Nick's Pub

What a night. It started with a lone table of four people but these four people were amazing. they cheered after every song (even after a few that were less than good.) Really set a tone for the rest of the night. By the time we got into the second set the crowd began growing exponentially. My favorite moment of the night had to be the combination of "Black Bird" and "Come Together" where the entire place errupted afterward. There is nothing like making people happy and ensuring they are having a great time. Met some fun people and even got 4 new Facebook likes..(whaaaat?). Next up, Roy and I have decided to begin learning about 20 or so new songs to add into the act. It's time to change stuff up a bit. Next show - June 7th!

05-25-12 Black Bird Cafe

Whew! I am exhausted. A 9-hour round trip to play at Amanda Principato's new "Black Bird" cafe in the new gorgeous library in Mountain Home, Arkansas and it was worth every minute. The acoustics in the foyer of the library were amazing. Everything resonated real well. My voice was a bit grumbly (no doubt from driving for 4.5 straight hours) but warmed up by the second half of the show. The crowd was small but into it and appreciative which always makes for a better show. I recorded most of the show (I think!) but the miniSD card filled up throughout at some point. In any case, I will get a few videos up as soon as possible for everyone that wants to hear them and for those that missed the show. My favorite song we got to play last night was probably #41 by DMB basically because I actually remembered all the words! Boom! Next show is tomorrow night back at good ole' home base, "Nick's Pub." I will see you there if you can make it!

05-19-12 Nick's Pub

I haven't done one of these in a while but I'm gonna try to do one after every show from now. Last night we got the call at around 10pm that a band had canceled at Nick's Pub and they wanted to know if we could fill in. We obviously accepted. Let me tell you, this may have been one of my favorite shows to play in a long time. It's always a great thing for a musician when the crowd is into the music. Singing and dancing. Yet, there was something going on last night that made it special. Something in the air. Everyone in the bar was there to have a good time. A lot of positive energy. It may have been that there was a wedding that day and the after-after party ended up at Nick's (Congratulations to David and Grace by the way). In any case, the awesome energy in the crowd got us pumped and in return, we delivered some fun versions of the covers. Best moment of the night might have been when nearly everyone in the bar sang "Little Lion Man" with me. (P.S. To the girl that recorded that song...please find me online so I can get a chance to see the video!) As always, we appreciate everyone that came out last night and enjoyed themselves. We work hard and are perfectionists about our performances but the reason is so that all the people in the crowd has the best time we can offer them. Next show is in Mountain Home at the Black Bird coffee house for some old friends that I can't wait to see. Sorry for partying.

Preparing for Nick's Pub

Roy and I tried out at Nick's Pub the other night and they loved us. Once we learn enough covers to to fill entire night we will get our shot. So we are working hard on a bunch of new stuff and had our first real practice last night. Some really great stuff coming along. I can't wait to play it out for people.

Estrellita Photo Shoot

Band Practice on Monday Night at Roy's included Mya Schnabel with Estrellita Photography talking pictures as we played. It was a little weird at first playing while she was hovering around us flashing away but as you can see from some of the photo's I've uploaded, it was WELL WORTH IT. They look amazing and it's clear that Mya has loads of talent. Don't know if there is more on the way but I will gladly post up if/when I get them.

As far as the practice went, most of the songs came out good. Roy and I played a version of "Chicago" that may be impossible to duplicate. We were just in the zone. When it was over I almost fell over because of how focused I was on it. Burned an MP3 CD of it so if you email me and ask I will gladly send to ya.

Talked to Keith last night and decided (assuming Roy is in agreement) that we would start on a studio CD in 1 month. Want to get a few more practices under the belt before we jump in. I'm excited. I can't wait.

As it sits right now, there are about five songs that need lyrics right now. I'm still waiting for some sort of influence to fall upon me. Hopefully it they will be as good and dynamic as "She Loves Me."

Until next time.