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Time where did you go?

Lately for me time is my biggest challenge, so many projects to do. One that i'm really excited is putting together musicians for my band and really like how it's sounding and ready for everyone to hear us.I'm in the studio recording all these songs and still touring my acoustic show. I'm really enjoying college and the opportunity to continue my education plus the life of an 18 yrs old student. Now all I need is more time! GOD Bless

Summer Time Fun

Hello ... I don't know about you but I love this time of the year and nothing like summer time fun. I've seen a few concerts so far and plan on going to more.. I have a fishing trip planned with my dad and some friends. Nothing like being out back firing up the grill( Mmmm now I'm hungry). I have a 1978 full size blazer and I love to take her top off and cruise with the summer time air.. and did I mention Baseball and what about the Dallas Mavericks NBA Champs.. Great times... and summer has just begun.. We looked it up and I now have over 175 shows since I started performing as a business.( I really feel good about that experience behind me at 17. I love being in the music industry and working with all the great people and I have met so many folks and I love my fans.. I have my CD ready to record and working on getting it started. I'm very excited with the new material and so ready for everyone to hear it..I set some very high goals when I started and as I accomplish them.. I always remember that I received a very special gift and now it is time to give a gift to GOD and that is to share it with the world... To be continued....


April has been a great month for my music. I love working with my charities and really can't explain how good it feels to help others. I am real excited that my high school years are almost completed and looking forward to what the future holds. I will miss many of my friends as we go our separate ways but the memories will last forever.. I must say that my new music is blowing me away. This new CD is really going to be good and I hope to be recording in June. I really am happy how my music has spread around the world and I am so thankful for all the support here in the USA too. At 17, I am so thrilled how my music career has taken off and all the opportunities that have come my way. I am so blessed with such a wonderful gift from my GOD and my desire to share this blessing with the world is stronger than ever. My love for music has made me a fan of many great artist and helps me to appreciate my fans even more because without fans an artist can't achieve their dreams.. I want to take this time to thank everyone who believes in me and I promise that my career has just taken off and I will give my fans what each of you deserve and that is my very best.... To Be Continued...........


I have had a great 2011..so many things are going on. I have 2 months left of high school and ready for a new chapter in my life. My new music is going great and booking spring and summer gigs now !! I am still waiting for the results to America's Got Talent audition and would love to advance to the TV show. I am going into schools and performing and promoting " AWARENESS" to "Don't Text and Drive" which I support 100% !!!( Thanks AT&T for starting this campaign and so glad to be a part of it) I am working with my local RED CROSS and soon I will be able to take donations for them at my shows to do my part of helping raise money for all the help they do ... (I can't believe how many people they help) also I am involved in raising money for cancer cures with the American Cancer Society and have donated my time to perform and hope to raise a bunch of money this year.. I love being in music and enjoying being 17 as well. Life is great and I am very blessed to give my music and my time. To Be continued.........

"DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE" campaign video

Justin here and when I believe in something I give it my all. The is a new problem in this world that is destroying lives. Join me in the awareness of the dangers of this growing problem. Here is a video feed that you must watch but be prepared it is powerful..No Little Kids Please !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9krX9fHAfHM Copy and paste

January 2011

I can't believe January is here and May will be here before we know it and I will be out of high school. I have so many plans for my music this year and I am so thankful for all my fans and your support. 2010 was a great year for my music and I am very blessed and look forward to a great year ..Support live music.. Justin


December is such a great month full of so many activities, I love it !!!!! The 2nd album is coming along great and very excited that in early 2011 I will be able to showcase these great songs.. I am writing my first Christmas song and it is so cool.. I hope to get it finished and up before Christmas (Ha-Ha). I can't believe that my last year of high school is almost half over, I guess May will be here before I know it... I am so blessed with family and friends and my fans are the greatest.. I owe all my success this past year to you and 2011 will be Justin Langston's year......To Be Cont........ Justin Langston

November Greetings

Hey everyone ...Justin here and I don't know about you but I love this time of year ..... much cooler after a hot summer . I am enjoying all the outdoor activities in the evening ...Great time of year for Midland, Tx. My music is going well I just wrapped up a heavy load of gigs for the last 3 months and enjoying the break ..which with music is really never a break because now it is writing and studio time .. which I love all of it. I always want to thank all of my fans for your awesome support and I love each and every one of you !!!!!!! So keep your eye on me I am just getting off the ground floor.... Justin Langston

********************** :-) I have a project that I will be producing and recording an EP/Demo for a singer/songwriter that I will share when we are done, this man is very good and his voice is stunning and you will see and hear about him later.... to be cont..........

No more Braces ....Yeah !!!!!!!!!

Hey Justin here and the train tracks are off ... Started 12th Grade and going great and getting college credit too !!!! I have been performing the last couple of months pretty hard and getting some great comments from the fans about my shows. I love all this and want to play in your city. I have a brand new song that is my favorite one . I love it and should have it ready to the public in a couple of weeks called "Don't Give Me a Reason" !!!!! I can't wait for you to here it , it is an upbeat song that is real good. I hit #38 in the U.S. and #75 in the world in Pop music and have you my fans to thank for the climb in the charts. Thank You. Justin Langston

Happy birthday to me..

Just over two months ago I started here on Reverbnation at 16 and I want to thank everyone for the support all of you have shown me !!!!!! Well now as of the 30th I am now 17 and getting so old.. Ha-Ha I am so happy to be where I am in my life and school starts at the end of August and I am ready to see all my friends and enjoy my senior year...but that doesn't mean I won't be taking care of business. I will put more songs on here and I have some videos of a live acoustic performance that will be on here soon. Again thanks to all my fans and your support and we are busting through the ground floor heading to the top!!!!!!!! See you there my friends!!!!!!!!!! Much Love , Justin