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Battle of the Bands Update

Just a heads up, we've been bumped up to a 6:15 start time for today's performance. Thanks and hope to see you there!!!

Powerpop Blasts!

Simpleton's "Fine Art" was recently selected to be a part of a compilation album series called POWERPOP BLASTS! When we get more information about the upcoming album, we will let you know.

Electric Knights Available Online Now

Simpleton's latest album, Electric Knights, which includes the hit single, "Fine Art," is now available on Amazon MP3, Google Play, and Spotify along with several other mp3 retailers. Coming soon to iTunes as well!!!!!

Blog... What's a blog?

Just posting to let you know that we will have free swag at our merch booth this fall and winter. So when you come to see us rock out, make sure to take some freebies with you for the road. See you at the next show!

Simpleton Shirts

Simpleton Shirts are hot of the press. Contact James, Tim, Bret or Me(Chris) and get yourself one. They are selling for $10. We're trying to sell as many as we can before we hit the road this summer so we really need everyone's help

Working on Band Stuff

Chris here, its way too late to be up. But I am a vampire, therefore, I shall continue my quest towards Simpleton domination.