Hurricane Isaac / Blog

Steady finding Hurricane

I used to think i needed to understand how my mind works in order to fully understand my music. I was wrong because now that i focus on my heart more and more each day i can activate on demand.

Hurricane Isaac

I think more and more every day about my mix tape and I realize what I've been doing as an artist and must say I really love what I do.

peace of mind

"STRAWBERY PATCH KID" video only hours away from dropping, BTW this is my first music video, cant top my excitement.

Strawberry patch Kid

STRAWBERRY PATCH KID! video dropping this sunday, tell a friend to tell a friend to tell they friends the hottest video drops this sunday."STRAWBERRY PATCH KID" Hurricane Isaac, XPLIZIT FILMS PRO. you know what it is.

Strawberry Patch Kid

today me and DJ X are getting together to look over the Strawberry Patch Kid video, dropping real soon.

day by day

About to start my 10 hour grind! Add a beat to that shit, there aint shit to this day. Like my facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/hurricanebojo


The key to changing the world starts with you taking the first step. Take your first step by checking out my music @ http://www.reverbnation.com/isaac45peace

My life

I woke up disappointed this morning because i am still living a broke life, go to the same job and make the same bull shit pay.


Ight yall another day for great music.......lets make it happen!!!!!!!!