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Kill Goliath Gig Review -

Kill Goliath come across as a ‘baby’ Oceansize (for reference purposes), but this is A GOOD THING. See, part of what makes Oceansize so good is their musical skill, which means they can pull off complex time signatures and arrangements to make their songs all the more powerful. The same goes for Kill Goliath. They clearly know what they’re doing; the whole band showed they were accomplished musicians, with the drummer in particular leaving a number of people open mouthed at his performance. One of the first things I noticed was the bass player and drummer worked together incredibly tightly, the bass player showing admirable restraint whilst solidly underpinning and augmenting the guitars. Again, when this kinda thing stands out it really shows the musicians know what they’re doing, rather than just playing a bunch of notes that sound like their favourite bands. The ‘baby’ thing meaning they are young, which works in their favour as being this good already is again a good thing. I also feel that maybe they haven’t fully found their own sound yet, but they’re well on their way and what they have got is damn good. Definitely worth going to see if they’re playing near you.

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