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I've never blogged before, so I hope this is okay. I'll use this space to explain my music. (Recently we formed a band & have a CD, but this is about recordings Dan Jette' & I have put together.) Notes - by John Koellisch (Singer / Musician / Songwriter) I used to write some commercial stuff briefly in the 1970’s and made some money, but I wouldn’t say I was a professional, though I was always writing songs and putting them together on tape recorders - as were many of my friends back then. Once this bug gets into your system, you always end up having the urge to make some music and see how it sounds with a few instruments added. When I got older I made my living as a machinist (In the daytime), but I always kept writing and playing music, and recording it on whatever worked at the time. When computers became practical to record with, I figured out how to make it happen and that’s when these recordings started to multiply. I started writing with albums in mind. The digital albums began with “Beyond The Blue River” which is quite a bit - Folk & Country and next “Sloppy Phil & The Alleygators”, which is quite a bit - Surf Rock and Pop Rock. (Hard to pick a chart that fits all.) Next was “Midnights & Moondust”, which is a return to Country and still haning on to some Pop Rock. Anyway, I’ve compiled 12 albums (All can be found at Amazon.com) I’ve written over 300 songs and probably 150+ have been recorded on these albums. Dan and I would get together Tuesday evenings and I would show him my latest tune and a lot of times that same evening we would lay down a track of me playing guitar and singing a reference vocal and his drumming. In later weeks I would add more instruments and vocals. I (John Koellisch) Sing and play Guiar, Bass, Flute, Keyboards, Banjo, a bit of Fiddle, Accordion, Harmonica...and *Drums) Dan plays the drums *These recordings feature my neighbor and friend Dan Jette’ on Drums. I like putting the 1st basic tracks to the recording down with a real “live” drummer, and it helps getting a natural feel by having someone else play drums while I play “live” guitar...etc. We don’t use electronic metronomes or programmed drums (one exception “Tales of Tobago” - I programmed drums). I’m open to anything, but it takes time to program good percussion - I don’t have that much time. Speaking of... I’ve probably gone TIF on you if you have taken the time to read this far. I hope you enjoy the recordings, and thank you for listening. Please contact me (I’m on facebook) if you would like to discuss music, writing, recording... Thanks, John Koellisch